March 24, 2018

Still a Job to be Done

With news coming out of Indianapolis this morning, the AFC South might have taken a complete 180 degree turn in favor of any other team not called the Colts. The Colts conveyed this to the NFL today:

In response to a number of media inquiries, the Colts issue the following update on Peyton Manning’s status.

During the last week, the rate of improvement in Peyton’s rehabilitation process slowed.   Over the weekend Peyton experienced soreness in his back.  It was originally thought to be a normal reaction to his rehabilitation regimen.  When the soreness persisted, the Colts medical team decided to initiate diagnostic tests and to consult with a number of specialists around the country who have been involved in Peyton’s case from the outset.  That process continues.  As a result of the most recent development the doctors have decided that Peyton will not practice. His participation therefore, in Sunday’s game versus Houston will likely be doubtful.  We will update his playing status as required by NFL policy as the week goes on.

At the conclusion of the diagnostic process, if there are any new developments in the prognosis which we outlined for Peyton at the start of training camp we will report them.  As of now Peyton continues to deal with a complicated neurological recovery, the end date of which is unpredictable.

As was stated at the outset, it serves no useful purpose to speculate about hypothetical outcomes.  When and if there are concrete medical facts to report we will do so.

We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Indianapolis Colts

Now reading this tells me that Peyton Manning is in serious jeopardy of not only missing the season opener against the Texans, but even an extended period of time. His 227 games started streak may be in jeopardy also, but the Colts season may be turned over to Kerry Collins.

I am not for the idea of putting one of the greatest quarterbacks health on the line just for us Texans fans to say we won fair and square because Peyton Manning was in the game. If you are a human, a person’s well-being is more important than winning football games and two offseason neck surgeries should be a red flag that something is not right. Even though he has made our Texans look terrible and made our lives miserable the fact remains he is a great quarterback and even better individual. Compassion for Manning and him getting healthy should be the main concern.

This injury and the impact it puts on one team may rival when Dan Marino tore his Achilles in 1993 or Tom Brady’s ACL injury in 2008. Manning is the heartbeat of the Colt’s franchise and the confidence level has to be shaken knowing Collins or even maybe Curtis Painter may be running the show in Indianapolis.

The Houston Texans fan base is in a frenzy for the fact that it feels the division may be ours, but the fact remains the same the Texans beat the Colts in week 1 of the 2010 with Peyton Manning. In a matter of fact, the Texans have had ample opportunities to beat the Colts with Manning behind the center, but they always seem to have laid an egg when it counted the most. I agree the opportunity for success has increased dramatically with the idea of Manning being out for an extended amount of time, but the Texans still need to produce on the field. The Texans have to beat the teams they are supposed to and take the step up to play with the big boys of the NFL.

Two games a year with the Colts do not make or break a season, but winning your opening game could be a big step for the rest of the season. With a new defense in town, expectations for the Texans are at another level rivaling when the Texans came off their 9-7 campaign of 2009. The fact remains, the Texans still have not proved anything in the win-loss column and we will be playing a hungry Colts team on Sunday with something to prove. Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney have been, at times, bigger issues for the Texans than Manning, and they will be in Houston ready to go on opening day. When you win the division as many times as the Colts (7 times) you are the best until someone takes it from you.

The Texans still have to prove they can move the ball, stop the run and pass because the preseason is in the rearview mirror, and the games count now. Without Manning the Colts still pose a threat to the Texans with their veteran and playoff battled roster. If anyone thinks Sunday will be a cake walk, think again because the Colts will be in Reliant with something to prove. In 2006, when the Colts won the Super Bowl, David Carr, Ron Dayne and Anthony Weaver led the Texans to a victory over the Colts 27-24, which proves anything can happen on game day.  The pressure is on the Texans with a new cast and some old characters to prove they can be one of the top teams in the AFC even if Manning is not apart of the equation.



One Response to “Still a Job to be Done”
  1. taco joe says:

    The Colts offense is not the same without P8un Manning obviously. Kerry Collins is going to have a huge challenge taking the Indianapolis Offense against a revamped Texans Defense. The way to take Freeney and Mathis out of the equation is to do exactly what the Texans did in game one of last year. We know their D has a problem stopping the run. So if Kubiak wants to win against the colts in Week one or the second time later in the year he will run it down their throats till they can stop the Arian, Ward, and Tate hydra. I don’t want to see Kubes to get to cute with the play calls, just simple I-Formations, single backs. He and Dennison need to keep the more interesting Offensive plays (That we know they have like the “Wild Crawfish”) in the pockets till we play more formidable Defenses like Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Honestly I expect to see a 60% run to 40% pass from the Offense with the pass plays just to keep Indy Honest and not loading the box.
    We have the most exciting and balance Offense in the league this year. The Defense i wont make a judgement on until week 4-5 but there is no way they can be worse than last year. Kerry is going to feel the turf a lot due to the questionable O-Line, and the likes of JJ Watt, Mario Williams, Conor Barwin, Antonio Smith (I hope he is not distracted about the tragedy that happened at his house but I wont blame him if he is.) Brooks Reed, in the front putting pressure from all sides. Glover moving to Safety is a move I am already enjoying, he is not the gaping hole in coverage we had last year, and he comes at Runners with force worthy of Benard Pollard. Manning will settle in at the Other Saftey spot, and Joseph will be on the #1 WR. it is the rest of the secondary I am worried about, and how quick Cushing and Ryans can get back to 2009 form. I think letting Adibi go was probably the only preseason move i question because besides sharpton our ILB depth is kind of thin.
    Last thought; I don’t think Peyton will come back just to maintain his streak because he is not that kind of person. I also hope his recovery goes smoothly because no matter how much I hate seeing him on the field twice a year, I have the utmost respect for the man. He knows how to run an Offense and makes Indy a contender every year, without him they are no better than any other team in the AFC South.

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