March 22, 2018

Behind Enemy Lines 9.7.2011

This will be the first installment of a look at the opponent of the Houston Texans, and during kickoff weekend the Indianapolis Colts are the focus. Here are a some articles on the Indianapolis Colts heading into Sunday’s contest.


The are looking at their game with the Texans and looks at the return of Melvin Bullitt to the Colts in 2011.

Nate from 18 to 88 writes about how Peyton Manning is likely headed to another surgery and also looks at the 2011 Colts.

Big Blue Shoe, from Stampede Blue, writes about the potential of Collie and Gonzales both being out for Sunday and also how their ex-coach, Tony Dungy, thinks the playoff run is coming to and end.

Kyle from looks at the depth of the Colts.

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