March 21, 2018

Andre Johnson Respectfully Defers

Everyone in Houston knows how important Andre Johnson is to the Texans, but the way he handles himself on and off the field makes him a true professional. Johnson started the season with a solid 7 reception day for 95 yards and a touchdown against the Colts, which reinforces how good of receiver Johnson really is.

There is always debate on who the best is in their respective position, and Johnson was voted the top receiver in the game by his peers in 2010. The fans and media can see it, but if you ask Johnson himself he has a different opinion.

Andre Johnson was a guest on Dan LeBatard’s radio show on 790 The Ticket in Miami.

LeBatard: Are you the best wide receiver in football?

Johnson: “No. I’m not the best [laughs].

LeBatard: “Come on who is better?”

Johnson: “There’s a lot of great guys out there man. I’m a fan of the game. You look at … I’m a big fan of Calvin. Calvin Johnson. Right now I would probably say he is the best.”

Dan LeBatard: “He’s taller than you?”

Johnson: “He’s a pretty big guy. He’s a very talented guy. He’s my favorite guy from a fan perspective from the outside looking in.”

LeBatard: Are you a top-five wide receiver?

Johnson: “I’m somewhere in there

*taken from, AFC South Blog

The respect Johnson has for the game, the Texans and himself is unmatched in today’s world of athletes. He didn’t cause controversy by saying he is the best or bring any unwanted attention to Houston, he answered the question with respect. Johnson knows he is better than average, but he lets his play speak for him, not his mouth. With a position that creates the most “Divas” in the NFL, Johnson is anything but that. At camp you never see him jog a route or not finish a play, his work ethic is unmatched and he can be labeled the “true” leader of the Texans. In games throughout his career he plays injured, but never complains and does what he can to help the Texans win.

We are fortunate to have Johnson playing for the Texans and putting up Hall of Fame numbers. The #3 overall draft pick in the 2003 NFL draft the former Miami Hurricane has not disappointed since he put on #80 for the Texans. This year Johnson should be on track to break the 10,000 yard career receiving mark and will be the 35th receiver of all-time to make that mark. (Donald Driver also could break that mark in 2011) At the age of 29, Johnson could pose a threat to break more records as his Texans career continues.

If you don’t believe me he is the best receiver in the game listen to other players in the NFL speak of the best receiver in the game.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Oh man, I could watch Andre Johnson videos all day.

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