March 21, 2018

Remember the Time: Domanick Davis/Williams

Who is the Houston Texans leading rusher in team history? That right Domanick Davis as he was known in his Texans days, but now as Domanick Williams. Williams was a great pick especially for the round the Texans picked him and the amount of yards he rushed for…..

Domanick Williams was drafted in the 2003 NFL Draft in the 4th round with the 101st overall pick from Louisiana State University. When he came to the Texans he did not disappoint with a 1,031 yard season in 14 games played and he scored 8 touchdowns in his rookie year of 2003. It was so good he was named the 2003 Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year. The following year he led the Texans with 1,188 yards and 13 rushing touchdowns, which he was proving to be the featured back for the Texans for a long time in Houston.

Then came the 2005 year and in 11 games Williams had 976 yards and 6 total touchdowns before injuring his knee and being placed on injured reserve. Before the 2005 season, Williams outplayed his contract and was given an extension guaranteeing $8 million dollars on a $22 million dollar extension. He was released by the Texans in 2007 beacuse of him not being able to recover from his knee injury.

Williams is the Texans all time leading rusher with 3,195 yards and averaged 4.1 yards a carry. Wiliams, if he could have stayed healthy, could have been one of the greatest picks in Texans history, but he is soon forgotten because of his injury. Fans can’t doubt the fact on what he did for the Texans when he was on the field, and it is a shame he could not have stayed healthy because there is no telling on where he would have ended up with a great start to such a short career.

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