March 21, 2018

Texans Rumblings 2.26.2011

Here are some articles of the Houston Texans from across the internet.

Mike Kerns of the Bleacher Report, Grades the Texans individual performances from Sunday and he looks at 5 things learned from the game also.

Alan Burge gives us the Texans game in photos.

Steph Stradley opened a discussion thread for the Saints and Texans postgame.

Paul Kuharsky looks at what the Texans might be thinking today, the Texans against empty backfield formations, and how they made the Saints look unstoppable.

Houston Diehards writes about the morning after this loss to the Saints.

The AP, looks at the loss for the Texans and the Texans struggles.

The Toro Times wonders if the Texans will ever learn.

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