March 20, 2018

SOTT Bull Awards: Saints Edition

Even though it was not a win, there are still some Bull Awards that need to go to some Texans players for their performance on Sunday.





Offense (ascending order)




Offensive Line- They have been as solid as you can get for the start of the season. They did a good job of protecting Matt Schaub when it counted, especially against the aggressive Saints defense. There are some Texans offensive lineman who look like they could be on the verge of some awards at the end of the season.

Andre Johnson- Once again Johnson is on this list for his big performance with 7 catches and 128 yards for the afternoon. Johnson was all over the field in the first half and caused some big issues for the Saints secondary, look for Johnson to continue his success as the season carries on

James Casey- I don’t see how anyone can complain about what he has done since he has become the Texans everyday fullback. Sunday he has a break out performance with 5 catches for 126 yards and a touchdown and one carry for 11 yards. Casey is becoming the hot route for Schaub on blitzes and a good option in the passing game.

Defense (ascending order)

Shaun Cody- Say what you want but he had a solid performance against a tough Saints offensive line. He held his own and caused some disruptions for the running game of the Saints.

J.J. Watt- Once again Watt is proving to be a consistent performer for the Texans and he got his first sack of his career against Drew Brees and had 4 tackles. Watt is proving to be a true leader for the Texans on defense.

Antonio Smith- Can’t say enough on what Smith has done this early part of the season. Smith has had a sack in the first three games of the season, and is making the impact play when it counts. He has been doing this since the preseason has started and there is no sign of him slowing down.


SOTT Bull Awards scoreboard

(Based on 3 point system, Bronze 1 pt. ,Silver 2pts., Gold 3 pts.)


7 pts. Andre Johnson

3 pts. Matt Schaub

3 pts. Offensive Line

3 pts. James Casey

1 pt. Jacoby Jones, Ben Tate


6 pts. J.J. Watt

4 pts. Brian Cushing

3 pts. Mario Williams

3 pts. Antonio Smith

1 pt. Kareem Jackson

1 pt. Shaun Cody



3 Responses to “SOTT Bull Awards: Saints Edition”
  1. Matthew says:

    I feel like Cushing and Ryans deserve an honorable mention. It was their ability to read the offense, and make stops at the line that made Cody look as good(ish) that he did.

    Also, “ascending order.”

  2. PDS says:

    Cody took up blockers during the game and gave Cush and Ryans free runs at ball carriers. Cody did well, and they are improving slowly in understanding the run scheme.

    Ascending-Thanks for the correction…

    • Matthew says:

      I guess I just noticed that tackles. I’d like to take this opportunity to blame it on beer. Let’s hope Cody keeps improving.

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