March 18, 2018

Is Kareem Really that Bad?

Is there any one player that is playing for the Houston Texans that is more scrutinized than Kareem Jackson? Jackson has been the scapegoat the past week for his dismal performance against the New Orleans Saints, mainly against wide receiver Lance Moore. Moore had 9 catches for 88 yards and a touchdown and gave Jackson and the Texans a headache for the day.

If you looked at the whole Saints receivers you would see the following.

Jimmy Graham 4 rec. 100 yards, 1 touchdown

Devery Henderson 3 rec. 62 yards

Robert Meachem 5 rec. 51 yards, 1 touchdown

Darren Sproles 6 rec. 50 yards

The point I am making, I understand that Jackson gave up a big touchdown late in the game to Moore, but everyone turns their eyes when Johnathan Joseph gave up Meachem’s touchdown and Glover Quin gave up a big one to Graham in the 4th quarter. Not to mention Joseph was also responsible for the two 2 point conversions in the corner of the end zone, but no one is pointing fingers there. All of the Texans secondary was not very good on Sunday, but to point out the Jackson was the worst to me is unfair.

We all know that Jackson was apart of one the worst coached defenses in NFL and Texans history in 2010, but he was put in terrible positions to succeed by ex defensive coordinator Frank Bush. Last year was a wash for Jackson, because he learned nothing and was the easy one to pick on because he was the #1 pick in the 2010 NFL draft and he was supposed to be the answer to Texans’ fans dreams. To make matters worse Jackson had Eugene Wilson and Bernard Pollard helping over the top, and we all know how good those two were. The scheme helps, but the players around you help the cause too, and in 2010 the Texans secondary as a personnel unit was horrid.

Fast forward to 2011 Jackson has been virtually quite until the Saints game when he was picked apart by Brees just like the rest of the secondary. Jackson has put together two good games leading up the Saints game, and has only given up that touchdown to Moore in 2011. Glover Quin has given up the most touchdown catches this season with two, but to say Jackson is the worse thing happening for the Texans defensively better re-evaluate. Wade Phillips does a good job protecting Jackson and to say he hasn’t been solid so far in 2011 is a bad assessment, and to say he has not improved has not been watching the games.

On Moore’s touchdown catch Jackson had pretty good coverage, but Brees threw an even better pass that was on Moore’s back shoulder which was away from Jackson’s front shoulder coverage on Moore, that is where the pass was designed to go. Not to mention the lack of a pass run did not help the Texans secondary at all, especially on the touchdown passes by Brees.


It is only game four of the season and to already to be calling for player’s heads in a little premature, but I do agree that Jackson is in need of much improvement. To say he is the reason we lost to the Saints, is a little much. At least give him until mid-season before any conclusions are drawn on him, scoring is up and defenses around the league are struggling to keep up with the offenses. The Texans had one bad game and now the sky is falling, but it is not because of one player but a group. Let the assessments of players and the season itself play out before fingers start to point.

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