March 24, 2018

Open Floor: Who is most important to the Texans D?

On our last podcast we got into a discussion who was the most important player to the Houston Texans defense. Names were thrown out and the discussion came to the conclusion that Johnathan Joseph was the most important player to the Texans defense.  With Mario Williams out for the season, did the Texans lose their best or most important player on defense?


Is it Johnathan Joseph, Brian Cushing, Mario Williams, Antonio Smith or someone else? Who is the best defensive player and who is the most important to the Texans defense? We want to hear from you on our open floor.



2 Responses to “Open Floor: Who is most important to the Texans D?”
  1. Jeff S. says:

    I agree–based on five games this year, it’s got to be Joseph. Wade has other players and other schemes to get pressure, but the fall off from JJ to his backup is abyss-mal. I’m not saying the loss of Mario is trivial–it’s a major hit and the D will suffer for it. But it would suffer more if JJ went out.

  2. Taco Joe says:

    I have to agree on Mojo JoJo. The man has made #1 WRs disappear in games, which sucked for my FF team having Moore rocking till this week. But I think it is slowly becoming a tie, since Brain Crushing, is effin Rockin and a Rollin on opposing teams. Plus he is now the play caller on Defensive plays that Demeco is now out on those plays. I can’t wait to submit questions for this weeks podcast though because I have a few, and will tweet them to you and mike since Aaron now wants a refund on the soul i sold him. I told him all sales are final and lemon laws dont pretain.

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