March 20, 2018

Texans Rumblings 10.17.2011

Here are some articles of the Houston Texans from across the internet.



Mike Kerns, Bleacher Report, look at the Texans loss to the Ravens and things we learned from the loss. Also, he ranked the top 20 Texans of all time in franchise history.


Alan Burge writes about the Texans hard fought loss to the Ravens and how Matt Schaub is becoming a target to some illegal hits.


Houston Diehards talks about the 2nd half meltdown in the loss to the Ravens.


Steph Stradley hopes that this is the low point for the Texans for the 2011 season.


Jeremy Rice grades out the Texans from Sunday.


Toro Times hit a game recap and think the Texans are in a predicament.


One Response to “Texans Rumblings 10.17.2011”
  1. Will be interesting to see if Gary can find away to get the running game going with out Andre…..ya know 31 other teams dont have him either…..just sayin’~JLR

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