March 24, 2018

Punch Gate, You Be the Judge

The Jacksonville Jaguars will not let this past weeks loss die and Duane Brown is the center of this controversy. Words early Monday said the Houston Texans are a dirty playing team, and it seems that Terrance Knighton and Jeremy Mincey will not be sending the Texans offensive line Christmas cards anytime soon.


On the sack and fumble recovery by Jaguars linebacker Clint Session, and all the laterals that went with it, Duane Brown and a few other Texans were on the tackle it seems that Brown threw a punch into the midsection of Session, be the judge on how “dirty” it was.
 See it Here


I agree that there was a punch thrown, but really how vicious was it? If it was a dirty as they said you think Session would have gotten up so quickly? Last time I checked a punch from a 315 lb. grown man might leave a mark. It was such of a hard punch when Session was asked about it he didn’t know anything about it.


Brown explained that he was pushed from behind and he lost his balance, and his hand came down on Session. There are things that probably happen 10 times worse than what we saw on the sideline that takes place in between the white lines.


Jaguars’ fans are ready for the rematch and are convinced it will be “payback” on November 27th. Whatever they think, the fact remains if it was so dirty, Clint Session’s reaction speaks volumes on how “dirty” that punch was, so move on because the scoreboard speaks volumes, losing stinks trust me we as Texans fans know.


Was it a dirty play? Let us know.

One Response to “Punch Gate, You Be the Judge”
  1. Taco Joe says:

    honestly, whomever hands are grabbing his arm it looks like duane is trying to get his arm away from him. If it is a legit punch, didn’t phase Session, looked more like God I hate you but that was a good play. Who the eff really cares? not this guy. If session showed any reaction to the “punch” then I would say, Dammit Duane take the fine dont eff up again where the camera can catch you!

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