March 21, 2018

5 Things to Do as a Texans Fan During the Bye Week

With the bye week hitting at the right time for the Houston Texans it is leaving the Texans fan base lost, waiting for the conclusion of this important six game stretch for the Texans. If you are like us this will be a grueling week waiting to see the Texans back on the field and see if they can close out a promising season.


This is an exciting time for Texans fans but keep your cool because this is uncharted territory for the fans too. At the 10 game mark the Texans are sitting at 7-3 with a 4 game winning streak and most importantly sitting atop the AFC South. Here at the State of the Texans we give you 5 things you can do as a fan during this off time while waiting for the Texans two Sundays from now.


1. There are some important games being played this week that can affect the Houston Texans and their playoff future. Turn the tube on and sit back and enjoy the game of football, this is one week that you can rest from getting your heart-rate up.  Luckily for us, Alan Burge, from the Examiner, gives us a list of games that are must watch games that can help the Texans.  


2. If there is a hunny-do-list that your significant other has been waiting for you to do the last 14 weeks, now might be a good time to do it. Plan the menu for Thanksgiving, take the loved one out to dinner, play checkers or whatever it might be, now is the time. The next 6 weeks or maybe more will be taken up with the Texans, and they will take majority of your time.


3. Go light a candle for…..

– The Texans to close out the last 6 games and get their first AFC South Crown.

– The success of Matt Leinart.

– The continued health of Andre Johnson.

– The return of Danieal Manning.

– Being a Texans fan.

– Your thoughts here: _____________


4. Get ready for Thanksgiving and being thankful for everything you can think of. We can go into the holiday happy and with a good feeling about the Texans. How many times in the past 9 years have we been thankful for the Texans, well in 2011 there is a reason to be thankful.


5.  The players are recharging their batteries for the stretch run and as a fan you should too. These 6 weeks are going to take our full support to help get the team over the top. With home games left against the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans the games only get bigger as the season wears on. Just like the team we are getting into uncharted territory with the recent success of the team, and its time to get behind them 100%.







One Response to “5 Things to Do as a Texans Fan During the Bye Week”
  1. 1Texan says:

    Ok, so you’re sayin I shouldn’t take my honey out to the “Golden Corral” for turkey day. Damnz, i was lookin forward to that all you can eat mash potatoes and gravey.
    Go Matt Leinhart/Go Texans!!

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