March 22, 2018

Behind Enemy Lines: With Jaguars 101

Once again in our segment of Behind Enemy Lines we catch up with our friends at Jaguars 101 and look at our AFC South counterparts the Jacksonsville Jaguars. Brendan answers some questions regarding Texans fan favorite “Pot Roast”, Blaine Gabbert’s recent play, the loss of Rasheen Mathis and Clint Session for the season and what the Jags will need to do to beat the Texans on Sunday.



Since we las talked to you, How has Blaine Gabbert progressed as a QB?

He’s shown signs of improvement the past few weeks but is still way off the mark. When he stands in the pocket and delivers passes with authority, he’s pretty darn good. The problem is, he doesn’t do that often enough. He has a pension for not liking contact and seems soft. That impacts his ability to accurately deliver throws when pressure is
coming his way. Until he does that, his progress in this league will be limited.


Rasheen Mathis is lost for the season with an ACL, who has taken his place and how has it effected the defense?


Mathis is solid corner at this point in his career. When he’s on, he’s one of the league’s best. When he’s off though, things can get ugly. With that being said, Mathis was a big part of the defense’s success and he definitely leaves a big hole in the secondary, as we saw this past week against Cleveland. Derek Cox take’s over as the team’s No.1 corner and Will Middleton comes in at the right side. Cox is recent but is not a top corner, while Middleton isn’t a starter.



Is Maurice Jones Drew still the only form of offense for the Jaguars?


Easily. That little guy has been great this year and runs with such authority, even if he’s not getting consistent blocking. Some guys like WR Jarett Dillard have stepped up some. Even Marcedes Lewis looked like he did last year at times against Cleveland. But the pass game is so putrid and inconsistent that it’s difficult to sing the praises of any other offensive player.


With Jack Del Rio throwing his offensive coordinator under the bus regarding the last play against the Browns, is this start of the things to come.


He’s done it a few times this year now and it seems to get worse every week. He throws everyone under the bus but isn’t quick to admit his short comings as a coach. That’s a large reason why we’ve heard grumblings about Del Rio’s character over the years. As the team continues to lose, it will only get worse.


Terrence Knighton, the Texans favorite Jaguar, has an ankle issue what can you tell us regarding his health.


Pot Roast has had an injury-free career up to now. He’s missed the pass two games with the injury and his status is unknown heading into this week’s game. Without him, the Jaguars look vulnerable against the run. To me, that cements his status as one of the game’s most underrated players. Without him, the Jaguars’ defense is average at


Who has been stepping up for the Jags the past few weeks.


The interior offensive line has looked better against weak competition the past few weeks too. Obviously, MJD is as consistent as they come, but that’s about it on offense. Safety Dwight Lowery continues to impress, as does pass-rush specialist John Chick. Paul Posluszny is still playing at a Pro Bowl.


The Jags gave the Texans all they all could handle in Houston, what should we expect this week from the Jags?


That’s really been the Jaguars’ MO this season. They have a lot of fight and play teams tough, but can’t get enough fire power offensively. I’m interested to see how Matt Leinart does this week, his play definitely impacts this game. As long as he’s average though, the Texans should win with relative ease. The Jaguars’ once stout defense is dinged up (Mathis and Clint Session on IR) and without that unit being at its peak, I can’t see the Jags doing much against an awfully solid Houston squad.


What do the Jags need to do to beat the Texans on Sunday?


It wont be easy, but the Jaguars could get an upset if two things happen. 1.) Gabbert plays a complete game and doesn’t get rattled. 2.) Leinart is too rusty to get the passing game going. We’re basically looking at the Jaguars getting a best-case-scenario from its QB and Houston getting worse-case from its QB. That’s usually not a recipe
for success.


Thanks goes out to Brendan and Jaguars 101.

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