March 22, 2018

Texans Keys to Defeat the Falcons


Houston Texans fans are at wit’s end about this injury plagued season the team is experiencing in the 2011 season, but the NFL waits for nobody. With the 7-4 Atlanta Falcons coming to Reliant for an out of conference battle that could mark a big turning point for both teams in this crucial part of the season.


The Falcons have been quietly putting together a solid season and positioning themselves to make a run at a playoff berth. As for the Texans, rookie T.J. Yates will be the third starting quarterback in three straight games for the Texans. Both teams can put themselves into a game closer to making it the playoff berth a reality with a win.


Here are key for a Texans victory on Sunday.


1. T.J. Yates, must throw the ball effectively to loosen up a stout front 7 for the Atlanta Falcons. If it is Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels or another target Yates has to complete passes and let his receivers do work in the open field. Look for Yates to take high percentage throws early in the game to keep the Falcons defense honest. With top corner Brent Grimes out for the game, the Texans need to take advantage of this opportunity.


2. No big plays given up by the Texans defense, and by big plays we are talking about 20+ yard gains. With Roddy White, Julio Jones and Harry Douglas lining up at wide receiver for the Falcons, this is the most formidable trio the Texans secondary has faced all season. Throw in the hall of fame tight end Tony Gonzales there are plenty of weapons for Atlanta’s offense. The Texans defense has to make the Falcons earn every yard on Sunday.


3. The offense not including T.J. Yates must step up their game and take pressure off of Yates and the defense. The “other” 10 players on offense have been here before and should still be able to move the ball on the ground and put Yates in good position to make it happen through the air. This is a veteran group offensively, and if the team that shows up after the bye week last Sunday , it might be a long day for the Texans fan base. The offense is has to stay on the field and sustain drives and it starts on the ground.


4. It times like these the cream rises to the top and the Texans “star” players need to make impacts and be difference makers. This burden falls on Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Duane Brown, Brian Cushing, Johnathan Joseph and Connor Barwin. Their play against the Falcons can ignite the rest of the team and pull out an important game that no one across the NFL thinks they can win.


5. Head Coach Gary Kubiak and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips have the task to keep the team focused and their eye on the prize. How well they prepare the team and keep game planning will be the biggest key to Sunday. Kubiak and Phillips know their X’s and O’s and have to have to get the team ready for anything. Kubiak’s ability to make Yates successful in the offense will be the biggest story line on Sunday and Phillips ability to get the defense to cause turnovers and make life hard for the Falcons could help the cause. This could be the start of an even more improbable run for the Texans despite all of the injuries they have already endured this season.


Their is never a dull moment in Texans football and Sunday starts a new chapter.



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