March 19, 2018

Playoff Scenarios



By: Aaron Close


First let me say this is a pretty basic analysis I simply looked at the games that each of the teams in the hunt have to play and made an educated guess as to
how that would work out. In addition the spread between good and poor teams is pretty well established at this point in the season so the games a kind of predictable.  That said I didn’t put in any major upsets just kind looked at them based on current record and made my projections going forward based on that. With that said even with a 60% error rate some of the stuff is pretty damn set in stone.


First lets look at my projections

NFC (the easy side of the card)


1. 16-0 Green Bay Packers, The game against the Giants should make the fans a little nervous (just a little).


2. 13-3 San Francisco 49ers, I put in a win for Pittsburgh in their matchup because I think the Steelers will need it more.


3. 12-4: New Orleans Saints, have two relatively tough games left one against Tenn and one against the Falcons I think they will lose to Atlanta as will be really up for that game.  But they could easily go 13-3.


4. 10-6: Dallas Cowboys, This assumes they split with the Giants and win against both Philly and Tampa Bay.  I wouldn’t bet the house on that happening, if the Giants win both they will have the division, but they also have to beat the Jets to make that happen.


5. 10-6 Atlanta Falcons, The only game they will lose is to the Saints and should easily make the post season.


6. 10-6 Detroit Lions, The Loins should be able to beat everyone left on the schedule but Green Bay, that said San Diego looks like a trap game and Oakland isn’t going to just roll over.



Need to watch


The Chicago Bears currently at 7-5 but with their quarterback and running back out They will be lucky if they don’t end up 7-9 but I’m guessing 8-8.


The New York Giants, 8-8 is my guess but again depends on the matchups with the Cowboys…(something to watch this weekend).


AFC (here is where it gets interesting)


1. 13-3 Baltimore Ravens , With the Ravens only having Cincinnati left that is even decent they have a great chance of winning out.


2. 13-3 YOUR HOUSTON TEXANS same not here as with the Ravens I think they can take down Cincinnati and the rest should be win, but don’t look past Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers or that could end up as a loss.


3. 12-4 The New England Patriots,  this is where I go a little off the rails by picking them to have a loss on their very easy schedule to of all people to the Denver Broncos  I know it seems crazy but a month ago even talking about the Broncos and playoffs was pretty damn crazy.


4. 11-5 Denver Broncos, they have an easy road the rest of the way with only New England as a potential down game. Chicago has to make a miracle happen on offense in the next to week to have a chance. Either way they win the AFC west.


5. 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers,   I really feel bad for the Broncos in this match up in the Wildcard round the Steelers defense is perfectly designed to beat what the Broncos do.


6. 10-6 New York Jets, I give the Jets three more wins on strength of schedule but Miami is playing really good ball right now and the Giants are desperate right now.


Need to watch


The Oakland Raiders I think they will go 9-7 down the home stretch, with loses to Green Bay and Detroit. If the Broncos stumble they could be back in the thick of things.


Tennessee Titans 9-7 is what I have them at with loses to New Orleans and the Texans but Indianapolis or Jacksonville could also pull out a win against a deflated Titans team.


Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 I think they will be out but if they can come up with a win against either Baltimore or Houston they could make the playoffs.


A couple of themes that came out of this is a lot of teams have weak schedules for the rest of the season and that could make for some really boring games from here on out, but look for some key games that will have playoff implications.


Both of the remaining Giants/Cowboys games are at the top of that list.  The Patriots at Broncos in week 15 could be a great game. The Bengals could hurt others while helping themselves out, and of course the continuing saga in Chicago of how bad can your offense get.

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  1. Just another note here that I for got to mention in the article.
    Pittsburgh at San Fran will be an awesome game to watch in week 15.

  2. Lew says:

    In Tebow we trust.

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