March 21, 2018

Luv Ya Steel Blue: “Bull@#$% on Parade”


Disclaimer: The name of the podcast is in no way representation of what “we” think of the Texans defense.

It this 9-3 edition Mike, Aaron and Pat talk about this run the Houston Texans are on with this 9-3 record. The guys look at the emergence of T.J Yates, the questionable playing conditions at Reliant and the word “AMAZING” and Kareem Jackson are used in the same sentence. Then the fighting commences after that, as usual, on the Kareem debate.


Aaron says he can work for ESPN and NFL Network, Mike pays homage to David Carr and Von Wafer, while Pat says the turning point for Texans in the 2011 season is when they drafted Brooks Reed. Also, a new segment is introduced when Pat puts Mike and Aaron in question answering mode.


Tune in leave comments and let us know what you are thinking.


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