March 21, 2018

Houston Texans Make History


When their backs were against the wall the Houston Texans came back late in the 4th quarter with a game winning touchdown throw from T.J. Yates of 6 yards to Kevin Walter against the Cincinnati Bengals.


One of the most improbable victories in franchise history the Texans came back after a terrible 1st half performance and 13 point deficit to clinch their first ever AFC South Championship in franchise history.


With one drive the rookie starter T.J. Yates erased all of the bad memories that have haunted the Texans since 2002. This is the first time since 1993 that the city of Houston will see playoff football, and the city of Houston is buzzing with excitement.


Head Coach Gary Kubiak, a Houston native, talked about the importance of the team sticking together and how much it meant to be from Houston and bring playoff football back home. Hats off go to many players and coaches for their effort to make this dream a reality, and with plenty of football left the Texans are shooting for home field advantage in the playoffs.


Houston finally has a division championship and it has been a long day coming and it couldn’t have happened to a better group of players and staff.

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