March 22, 2018

Who is Reggie Herring?


With defensive coordinator Wade Phillips recovering from a procedure on his kidney and removal of his gall bladder, the Houston Texans turn to linebacker coach, Reggie Herring to take control of the #1 defense in the NFL. Herring will be in the driver’s seat for at least two-weeks while Phillips recovers, Phillips has made it known he plans to return by week 17.


Between 1978-1980 Herring played linebacker and the Florida State University, the three-year starter lead the team in tackles in each of those years. A member of the Florida State Hall of Fame, Herring played in three bowl games and was team captain for the 1981 Orange Bowl Team. His final two seasons as a Seminole, Herring and the team had a combined record of 21-3 with two top 10 finishes in the AP polls.


Herring is in his second stint with the Texans, his frist was in 2002-2003 when he held the same position and helped coach the leagues leading tackler linebacker Jaime Sharper in 2003. He left after two seasons in Houston and went back to the college ranks. After stops at North Carolina State and Arkansas, Herring landed at College Station to run the defense for ex-Aggie head coach Mike Sherman. The job was short-lived, because after national signing day, Herring left the defensive coordinator job at A&M and joined Phillips in Dallas to coach linebackers in 2008.


Herring has been committed to Phillips and has been under his system the last four-year not including his time here in Houston this season. Herring considers himself a Phillips guy, and according to players he knows the 3-4 system that Phillips runs inside and out.


If you haven’t noticed him on the sidelines, he is a vocal and emotional coach who is not scared to let his players know their mistakes. During training camp, he held his tongue for no one and get into players faces and challenged them on a daily basis to correct their mistakes. Herring has been instrumental in the change in Houston, so the drop off on game day defensively should be minimal. There should be a little change, because Herring thinkd like Phillips, but he is his own person and is will be interesting too see if Herring will add some new wrinkles. It should still be believed that the Texans defense will still produce on the field.


Herring starts his defensive coordinator career with the job of stopping Carolina Panthers rookie phenom Can Newton. Newton who has big play capability can change the game with his arm or legs, and that is the Texans #1 goal stop Newton. It will be interesting to see how Herring and the staff game plan for Newton and see if the Texans can continue their winning ways.


This is another chapter on what has been an impressive run by the Houston Texans, and with all the adversity it has been the “next man up”. Now it is Herring’s time to step up and show why this team is one of the best in the NFL.






One Response to “Who is Reggie Herring?”
  1. Matthew says:

    In the case that Wade takes a head coaching job this offseason, do you think that Herring would be a guy that could step into the defensive coordinator position? The thought of having this defense for only one season makes me very depressed.

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