March 21, 2018

Monday Roundup: 83 Days Edition


There is plenty to not like about what the Houston Texans put on the field on Sunday, this might be the best thing for the team to get them refocused in this tough game of NFL football.


The Carolina Panthers came to town and literally made the Texans enjoy a good ‘ol country stomping with a 28-13 win dropping the Texans to 10-4 overall. Despite one of the worst showings of the 2011 season, there may be a silver lining despite this loss. Let’s see if we can find some good, despite the poor performance.


1. My brother and I always have the discussion if losing is good for teams, especially ones that have long win streaks. He says no, but I am convinced losing can refocus teams in a hurry, especially good ones. With that said the Texans have an opprotunity to get over this “blip” in the radar and get ready for this short week. It has been 83 days since the Texans have last tasted defeat. Fans were spoiled by the 7 game win streak, but good things must come to an end. Better now than in the playoffs if you ask me. It has to be apparent in the NFL sustaining winning streaks are tough, and being able to make runs like that put teams in the playoffs, like the Texans. Time to move on and get ready for the Colts.


2. J.J. Watt had probably his best game as a Texan, with his 7 tackle performance on Sunday. Watt was all over the field, and getting down the line of scrimmage and tracking down ball carriers all day. He looks like he has hit his second wind and could have not come at a better time for the Texans defense.


3. Arian Foster became the 5th player in NFL history to have back-to-back season with 1,000 yards rushing and 600 receiving yards. He joins the likes of Thurman Thomas, Priest Holmes, Marshall Faulk and Brian Westbrook. Despite this great achievement, Foster must hang on to the football. His fumbles have put the Texans in terrible positions against the Panthers and Jaguars. His early fumbles have resulted in touchdowns and putting the Texans in early deficits, let’s hope he gets this problem fixed.


4. The only thing I will have to say about Reggie Herring is the fact that despite an overall decent game coached, the linebackers were not being able to be coached by Herring since he was looking at the big picture of the defense. There is no way that Herring could have given his undivided attention to the linebackers the previous 13 games. Wade Phillips is an important piece to the success of the Texans and this past Sunday it was evident. Herring needs to coach his linebackers constantly and a coach down, he was pulling double duty.


5. Speaking of linebackers, Connor Barwin became the 2nd Texans player to record double-digit sacks with his 10.5 for the season. Barwin has become the only form of pass rush for the Texans, and a once swarming pass rush has turned into a one man show. Brooks Reed, Antonio Smith and Tim Jamison have been silent in the quarterback pressure and sack department. With playoff football less than 3 weeks away, they better find their mojo quick.


6. T.J. Yates looked so unsure of himself against the Panthers, and credit the Panthers for rushing four and sitting in zone making Yates throw it into spots. Yates had receivers running wide open in the seams and deep, but he refused to push the ball down field. It almost seemed like Yates’ brain was in information overload, and his only answer was to check down. The offensive game plan has to put Yates in positions to succeed, and it seemed like he had chances all day. There are two more games for Yates to correct his issues, and the main focus has to be quit taking sacks and throwing interceptions.


7. The tone was set early and when Cam Newton hit a big pass over Johnathan Joseph to Steve Smith, it was apparent the Panthers came to play. The play before the Barwin had a huge sack of Newton, but on 2nd and 20 Newton threw a great ball to Smith who blew by Joseph for a 26 yard touchdown. Joseph has had two consecutive weeks of average football, and the Texans depend on him to lock down the best receiver of the other team. Smith had 5 catches for 82 yards and that huge touchdown, Joseph needs to get back to his old ways.


8. 3rd Downs – This was the biggest factor of the game, the Panther could stay on the field offensively and get off defensively. This proved to be the undoing of the Texans.

Panthers- 9-14 (64%)

Texans- 2-9 (22%)


9. Texans cannot afford to turnover the football, and this Sunday was no different. 3 turnovers offensively and zero takeaways make the recipe for success difficult to achieve. Interceptions will happen, but thrown into double coverage are killers. The team has to get back on track in the turnover department.


10. The Texans have met adversity head on all season, and now with one loss the city of Houston is looking for answers. It will be up to Gary Kubiak and his staff to fix the issues, and the Colts are next on the list. Yes the staff gets the blame for not having the players ready, but the players are the ones that have to execute. The team is going to have to answer the call and get this taste out of their mouth, and it is important for the Texans to go into the playoff on a good note.



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One Response to “Monday Roundup: 83 Days Edition”
  1. tacojoe says:

    is it just me, or were there som bad calls and missed holds? Either way the Texans need to step it up and go on a six game win streak!

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