March 19, 2018

Texans vs. Colts: Being Grateful Edition

This is a change from what we normally do after the games, but this game recap edition has to do with being grateful for having a playoff team here in Houston. Despite a heartbreaking loss against the Indianapolis Colts 19-16, the fan base is close to pushing the “reset” button on this season.


The Texans reeled off a 7 game win streak, and in NFL terms that is tough to do. Win streaks don’t come easy, if you don’t believe me, see how many win streaks the Texans have had the previous years of existence. The Texans have clinched the AFC South title, which now is not good enough for the city of Houston. The Texans won the division minus some big names in the fold, and still managed to put together an impressive season.


Would we like for the Texans to beat the Colts, of course but be realistic despite their 1-13 record going into Thursday the Colts still have plenty of superstars that can change the game. We have been watching Robert Mathis and Reggie Wayne terrorize the Texans since those two have suited up for the Colts. We all know the Colts are better than their 2-13 record indicates, and to think they would roll over for the Texans, the team that took their thunder in 2011, think again. Hats off to the Colts for fighting to the end and not giving the Texans a false sense of hope, this is a game the Texans can learn from again.


The Texans had some great individual performances with Arian Foster and J.J. Watt leading their respective units, but as a whole body of work the Texans left Lucas Oil Stadium with a bad taste in their mouth. There are plenty of question marks surrounding the game:


1. Why was there no vertical passing game?

2. What happen to the Texans pass protection?

3. Why was Johnathan Joseph not covering Reggie Wayne, the Colts best receiver?

4. Why has the team looked considerably different without Wade Phillips?

5. Has injuries finally take their toll on the Texans season?

There are plenty more, but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.


The one thing fans have to do is keep this game and 2 game losing streak in perspective, it’s a game and if we feel like this imagine what the players are feeling like. It has been a long season, and the Texans are in need of finding their way again. Keep in mind that the Texans have finally made the playoffs, and the do get a HOME playoff game, but that seems like not enough for fans right now. Anything can happen in the playoffs, the Texans are there, is the team going into that game the way they want to, unfortunately no.


The season can change on one play, one yard or one inch, and up to now all the bounces have been going the Texans way. Winning can drive fan bases to extreme heights, and handling success can be issues that some teams can’t handle. Be critical of the team, but in all honesty this team has done something that no one expected make the playoffs with a team that has been decimated with injury. So be grateful for what you have, a playoff NFL football team.


Merry Christmas to all the readers and Go Texans!

3 Responses to “Texans vs. Colts: Being Grateful Edition”
  1. Taco Joe says:

    Oh sir, it has taken me a full 24 hrs. I was angry as hell then disappointed, then blamed then back to I have been all season excited about what is to come from our team.
    Go Texans!

  2. T.Ortiz says:

    I was depressed for about an hour then I let it go. Hopefully AJ’s return will give the team the spark it needs.

  3. Jared Bradley says:

    I think you’ll find that #2 is the answer to #1. Not enough protection, therefore not enough time for a vertical passing game.

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