March 18, 2018

Wade Phillips Being Courted by the Buccaneers


After the biggest win in the franchise history the Houston Texans nation was hit with a big buzz kill finding out that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reached out to the Texans and is seeking permission to talk to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips for their head coaching vacancy.


Phillips has been the biggest factor for the Texans defensive turn around and this was on display in the Texans first playoff game when they accounted for 4 sacks and 3 interceptions to spark a convincing win against the Cincinnati Bengals.


He has led the Texans defense to a shade of what they were in 2010:


2011 Ranks                                                                               2010 Ranks

4th in Points against (17.4)                                   30th in points against (26.7)

2nd in yards per game (285.7)                             30th in yards per game (376.9)

3rd in passing ypg (189.7)                                     32nd in passing ypg (267.5)

4th in rushing ypg (96.0)                                       13th in passing ypg (109.4)



The only issue that we may have is the fact he is not waiting for the Texans season to end before he interviews, and he is set to visit Tampa Bay this Friday. If he is the right fit, that is yet to be seen. It is known he wants to be a head coach once again, but he also says he loves being in his hometown of Houston.


Whatever he is thinking is fine, but the timing is bad, especially with the Texans in the hunt for the AFC Championship. He is well-respected by his defensive players and the city of Houston, and know he is the biggest difference for the Texans success in 2011.


Here is the full story from the Houston Chronicle on Sunday.


6 Responses to “Wade Phillips Being Courted by the Buccaneers”
  1. TXCleaver says:

    Don’t like the timing but don’t see that being a viable spot for him. Still eating kumquats on this one.

  2. corvettekeith says:

    He really did turn that defense around but it wasnt just him… Switching to a power running team keeps your def off so they can come on fresh and make plays. NOT playing P manning prob had to help but when you look at the numbers thats why he is getting a head coaching offer… You guys should make a move on Spags he was the best DEF cor we had in NY wish he never left. If I was him I wouldnt leave the texans for a team thats in one of the hardest divisions. The texans are atleast contendors maybe one more year and he can get a offer some where else like with the chargers if they miss again or the cheifs even but the Bucs really thats a mess..

    • PDS says:

      Think the Texans have more than a year left, and the Texans are NOT a power running team. They are a zone running team. Spags is a 4-3 guys and the Texans can’t afford to switch schemes again. It is Wade or bust.

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