March 19, 2018

The Playoff Atmosphere, Texans Edition


After watching the DVR replay of the epic win the Houston Texans pulled on Saturday afternoon over the Cincinnati Bengals, 31-10, many thoughts about the game comes to mind. Luckily for me, we got to experience this playoff atmosphere first hand, and trust me when we say this, we wish all of the Texans fans out there could have been there.


Imagine getting out of your car and feeling something in the air that you could not explain. Fans were not there just to tailgate, they were there for a playoff football game. Fans wanted to get to their seats so they didn’t miss one second of this experience. Pre game was electric and when every position group, quarterbacks, running backs, linebackers, etc., they were greeted with a standing ovation. Warm ups were loud, and the noise was like a swarm of killer bees only to get cranked up when game kicked off.


There was Roger Goodell, Clay Walker, Dennis Quaid, Paul Wall (Rapper), Slim Thug (Rapper), Aaron Glenn, Jaime Sharper, Dan Pastorini, Giff Nielson and many more to mark this momentous occasion. Walker kicked off the festivities with his “Football in Houston” song and before you knew it the crowd was singing along. DeMeco Ryans gave Quaid a hug before the game, why you ask? Because Quaid was wearing a Ryans #59 jersey. The Cincinnati Bengals were welcomed to Reliant with a collection of “Boooos!” not out of disrespect, but that is you call as a fan of the home team.








The Texans were led out the tunnel by the immortal Bum Phillips, and it was an emotional moment for the fans and Bum. The National Anthem was belted out by  Grammy Award-winning Gospel artist (and Houston native) Yolanda Adams, which set the stage for something special. Then the Texans took a play out of the soccer playbook and set up a great entrance for the Texans….


Too bad they did not hand out a handbook to fans before the game on how to act at a playoff game, because just like how the Texans started the fans were right with them. The fans wanted to be loud, but at the same time were trying to feel their way through the game. Then it finally happen……


After the “Hands of Watt” interception, Watt put the spark into the stadium that was needed and when he capped off the second half with a sack, the fans got restless waiting for the second half.


The whole second half the atmosphere was like a scene from your favorite club, so much that fans were pulling out all the dance moves in their seats. At one point in the game, one fan was rapping to the camera. Even the music man of Reliant dusted off “Whoomp There it Is” by Tag Team, and the crowd did not break stride and joined in the song.


The whole stadium of Reliant got to see the greatest Texans of all time, Andre Johnson be rewarded with his 1st career playoff touchdown from the improbable rookie T.J. Yates. The out and up made Bengals defensive back, Adam Jones, look like a rookie himself. This was especially sweet after Jones was in Johnson’s ear after a drop earlier in the game.


It was apparent to all Texans fans that the game was in hand and that did not stop the fans from having some more fun…..



After the final whistle is was apparent that history has been made in front of the largest crowd in Reliant History.



The final whistle blew and Head Coach Gary Kubiak shook the hand of Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis to mark the end of one the biggest moments in Houston sports history in some time.

With my ears ringing, a hoarse voice and slight headache, the experience was worth it. No Texans fan would trade in the experience, especially all the Texans have been through this 2011 season. Playoffs are a special thing, and not since 1993 has their been one in Houston and no win for Houston football since 1991. The Texans erased all of those bad memories and gave the city of Houston and fans across the nation something to be a proud of, a winning football team.

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