March 24, 2018

Monday Roundup: End of the Road


After a season filled with adversity and injuries the Houston Texans season ended in Baltimore with a 20-13 defeat at the hands of the Ravens. This game will leave a bad taste in the Texans players mouths for the coming months. With ample opportunities for the offense to win this game, the Texans came up short despite a valiant effort from their defense.


Trust us when we are grateful to be in this position, but the Texans had a chance to beat the Ravens in Baltimore despite the “hostile” environment the Texans faced. Losing is not the issue, but the way the game came to and end is what hurts. The whole season came down to one play, not a defensive or offensive snap, but to a punt return.


Here is a look at the game.


1. Jacoby Jones……enough said.


2. The Texans defense was stellar. The Texans defense held the Ravens to 227 total yards on offense, but still came up short. The offense did not help them when needed, and gave the defense a short field to defend. The Ravens offense just did enough to kill the Texans hopes of moving on in the playoffs.


3. J.J. Watt once again proved he will be a player for the Texans for seasons to come. Watt had 12 total tackles from the technique and had 2.5 sacks to go along with it. Watt played his heart out on Sunday and looks to being a corner-stone for the Texans defense in 2012.


4. Brooks Reed may have changed the thinking of the Texans front office with his playoff performance. Reed had 8 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble from his outside linebacker position. He and Tim Dobbins teamed up for a big goal line tackle on the Ravens’ Ray Rice from 4th and 1 late in the game. Dobbins went high and Reed went low to keep the Texans with a heartbeat late in the 4th quarter. Reed along with Watt have given the Texans fans something to talk about for the coming years.


5. Arian Foster should have played himself into a contract for the Texans going into next season. Foster had 132 yards and touchdown, and made the Ravens look vulnerable between the tackles. Foster had a great game and even better playoff run. In two post season game Foster had 51 carries for 285 yards and three touchdowns, and also had 8 catches for 51 yards. He was huge for the Texans and should be priority #1 to resign in the upcoming offseason.


6. Andre Johnson had 8 catches for 111 yards Sunday against the Ravens. Johnson did have key drop on a crucial 3rd down and allowed Ladarius Webb to cross his face on an out route for T.J. Yates first interception of the game. Johnson is a superstar, but he needs help in the passing game and not including running backs, tight ends and wide receivers only accounted for 4 catches. It is necessity that the Texans find Johnson some help.


7. The nightmare became a reality when T.J. Yates tried to do too much on Sunday. Yates forced passes into coverage and threw 3 interceptions on Sunday, and it could have easily been 6 in the Ravens made some catches. Yates was 17/35 for 184 yards for a QB rating of 29.0. Yates has cemented his future here in Houston, but this is Matt Schaub’s team and the Texans are deadly team with him under center.


8. The injuries finally caught up with the Texans, more on the offensive side of the ball. With a less than 100% Owen Daniels and Andre Johnson the Texans could not get into a groove offensively. The Ravens forced the Texans into the air which proved the Texans undoing.


9. DeMeco Ryans played his best game of the year, and if you have time you will see Ryans bringing the pain to Ravens fullback Vonta Leach. It is not time to write of the “Captain”, and with a healthy Ryans, the defense will only get that much better.


10. The playoff experience was a great stepping stone for this young Texans team. The Texans started the playoffs with only 11 players with any experience, now the Texans have a roster full of playoff players now. Games like these season teams for years to come, and it will be interesting to see what will become of the newly respected Texans in 2012.




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