March 22, 2018

Texans Offseason To Do List


With the offseason upon us, and the Houston Texans coaches in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl to coach the AFC. The Texans have begun another offseason and with games like the East-West Shrine game and the NFLPA game in the books, the scouting department is in full swing getting their scouting sheets done for the upcoming NFL draft in April.


There seems to be plenty of time between now and when free agency opens in the beginning of March, but the Texans front office need to have their ducks in a row so they can help solidify a very deep Texans roster. General Manager Rick Smith and Head Coach Gary Kubiak have slowly developed a playoff roster, and with some key additions last offseason put the Texans as an early season favorite for some big things in 2012.


The To Do List for the Texans is as important as any offseason in Texans history, because adding a few key parts could mean a deeper and more dangerous Texans team.


1. Sign the Key Free Agents- Obviously Arian Foster and Chris Myers should be priority #1 and #2 for the Texans, and both deserve some quality compensation for their efforts the past few seasons. The Texans need to lock them up before the free agency period begins, so the Texans can turn their efforts else where. Both Foster and Myers have expressed their want to stay in Houston, and let’s hope the front office agrees.


2.Explore All Options with Mario- Trust me this will be a difficult decision for the Texans, and Mario Williams has been vocal about staying in Houston. Even owner Bob McNair wants Williams back. The Texans need to do their due diligence and explore all their options, a new contract, franchise tag, a sign and trade and whatever else there may be. Williams could prove a huge commitment for the Texans, because the cost will not come cheap if he stays.


3. Find More Explosive Weapons on Offense- This definitely is a huge factor for the Texans heading into 2012. The Texans sat on their offense with the strike shorten offseason and chose to give the defense a face lift. The Texans took a chance with the offense, as is, because they could go into camp and not waste timing teaching the offense to new players. Now it is time to concentrate on the offense and give it a tune up. The Texans need to start with the wide receiver corps and push the reset button. One could expect to be the only wide receivers back from the 2011 roster to be Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter. Jacoby Jones will probably be back for camp, but expect some serious competition to be brought in.


The Texans need to bring in a #2 wide receiver that could potentially be a #1(a) or future #1 wide receiver. The Texans will have potentially a big market for wide receivers with a nice free agent class and draft class in 2012. If they sign a free agent wide receiver and draft one, it could prove a huge difference for the Texans offense. They need a wide out who can stretch the field and have the potential when he touches the ball to make things happen. If the Texans can add this type of weapon, the offense could be a top 5 unit in the NFL.


4. Keep the Coaching Staff Intact- In the NFL stability is important, and the Texans have already dodged two bullets with other teams courting defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp. This 2011 coaching staff was the best ever assembled by Kubiak and keeping them for another shot in 2012 would be a positive heading into the season.


With success, Texans coaches will be looked at from the staff and will be plucked away in time, but hopefully it can wait until 2013. The most important pieces of the Texans staff have to be Kubiak, Phillips and defensive coaches Reggie Herring (LB), Vance Joseph (DB) and Rick Dennison (OC). It is important to keep a good thing going and it is apparent that is happening in Houston right now.


Do you have anything to add to the To Do List for the Texans?



7 Responses to “Texans Offseason To Do List”

  2. RODNEY says:

    TEXANS should pick up Plaxico Burress. At 6’5″ 230lbs, he can’t be single covered in the Red Zone, he’s cheap right now, and between him and Andre, would open up the middle for Walters and Owens. With no off-season, he scored 8 TD’s and an ability to still make the big play. Signing him early gives him and chance to jell in the offense and allows them more freedom in their draft choices and time to develop a drafted receiver, instead of throwing them into the fire and live or dying with them (Can you say Kareem Jackson?)

  3. matt says:

    Bringing Mario back would be such an utterly Texans move. I don’t care how much we can get him for, even if it’s more like 13-15 million (if we franchise him it’ll be like 22-24 million). If it’s 15 million, then that is 15 million that could be used on receivers, cb’s and current players (chris Myers, Mikle Briesel, Arian Foster-not in that order).

    It would be a HUGE mistake to brign mario back, we just don’t need him.

  4. matt says:

    We need to find a way to sign and trade Mario or we need to let him go. using 15% of our salary cap on a player we didn’t need to be the 2nd best defense in football would be a tragic mistake.

  5. Tim in Stafford says:

    Would you want a replacement for Andre (“Z” WR) or Kevin (“X” WR) or a slot WR? If you want a “Z” WR, there won’t be one left at pick 26 (worthy of a 1st rd grade), so look in the 2nd-4th Rd. Names like Mohammed Sanu or Alshon Jeffrey in the 2nd or Nick Toon in the 3rd. Potential “Z” WR’s Dwight Jones and Jeff Fuller draft values has dropped considerably after poor performances in Mobile. If you want a replacement for Kevin you need to look for guys like Marvin Jones (CAL) or Marvin McNutt (IOWA) in rounds 3-4 or Lance Lewis (E. CAR) late in the draft.. If you want someone to replace David Anderson’s slot WR spot, you can look at Kendall Wright (Top half of 1st Rd), Joe Adams or Jarius Wright in the 2-3rd round. Does 2011 UDFA Jeff Maehl get that spot in 2012? Do you spend the off-season trying to develop Lestar Jean as a replacement for Dre in the future?

    Is it smart to draft a WR in the 1st round for someone to replace Dre or Kevin 2-3 years from now. Usually you want someone to contribute right away if they are picked in rounds 1 or 2. That being said who will have reduced catches to make room for a 1st round WR in 2012 (Andre, O.D., Dreesen, Arian, James Casey, Kevin)??? Don’t be suprised or upset with Kubiak or Smith if they don’t draft a WR until rounds 3 or 4.

  6. big nasty says:


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