March 17, 2018

Gameday: Top 10 Senior Bowl Prospects for the Texans

With tornadoes in the area the Senior Bowl has come to a halt, and the teams have moved their practices indoors and proceeded with walk-throughs. Word is that some of the NFL scouts have already packed up and headed for home, because they say the practices are the true indicator of what the teams want to see. Despite all of that there is a game to be played on Saturday, weather permitting, and the Texans have been hard at work trying to fill out their scouting reports.

We have compiled a list of players who will be playing on Saturday in Mobile, Alabama that might fit what the Texans may be looking for. They are our players to watch for the game and to us would be some quality names for the Texans on draft day, if they pan out like we think they will. There are plenty of prospects at the Senior Bowl, but these are the ones who have impressed us.



Players to Watch


1. Keenan Robinson 6’3″ 240 lbs. Texas, Linebacker

A pure athletic linebacker who looks he could be a force off the edge. He can play on the line of scrimmage and stand up to the run. The most impressive thing about Robinson is his ability to run and for his size he is athletic of a football player you will find at the Senior Bowl.


2. Audie Cole 6’4″ 258 lbs NC State, Linebacker

There is a need for outside linebacker for the Texans and Cole is another high motor guy. That is a quality description for Cole and he also looks that part of being able to play on the outside. His natural position is on the inside, but his versatility is what is a huge factor for us.


3. Cam Johnson 6’3″ 267 lbs. Virginia, Defensive End

He is a hybrid player and he can play with his hand in the dirt, but has the ability to rush the passer standing up. He is an athletic player and when you see him he has the genetic makeup of a skilled pass rusher. Don’t be fooled that he is just a pass rusher, he shows he can run down plays in the run game.


4. Marvin Jones 6’1″ 198 lbs., California, Wide Receiver

Jones impressed on the first day of pads when he streaked pass the corner and caught a deep ball. He has a bad habit of catching passes below his waist, but has shown some skills in the second day of pads. He has some gifts as a wide out and has shown he is not scared to go across the middle. He has been fighting for recognition, but he is someone to keep in your notes.


5. Mike Martin 6’1″ 307 lbs., Michigan, Defensive Tackle

Think of Martin as the guy that has been told he would never amount to anything, of all of the defensive lineman at the Senior Bowl, Martin has been impressive since day 1. He doesn’t look impressive, but his play speaks volumes about what he is as a player. Martin projects to be a 5 technique in a 3-4 scheme and he would be welcomed to any team, and his motor along with his strength is a lethal combination.


6. Brian Quick 6’3″ 223 lbs. Appalachian State, Wide Receiver

The best small school prospect in the draft, Quick is a big receiver. There have been mixed reviews about Quick, but we have been impressed with him as a complete wide receiver. His ability to block is what helps him out, he has all of the physical attributes that you want in a NFL player. Not to mention his 81 inch wingspan is impressive.


7. Joe Adams 5’10” 174 lbs., Arkansas Wide Receiver/Kick Returner

He is small in stature, but he is someone who can stretch the field. He has soft hands and adjusts to the ball well in the air. He is even more valuable with his ability to return kicks, and when he touches the ball he can make people miss. He has a nice combination of speed and quickness that could work out of the slot position.


8. Chris Rainey 5’8″ 174 lbs., Florida, Wide Receiver/ Runningback

Brought to the Senior Bowl as a runningback they transitioned Rainey to the wide receiver position, and he has taken the change well. Rainey has some nice speed and has consistently gotten behind cornerbacks during one-on-one drills. Think of Rainey as Percy Harvin lite.


9. Shea McClellin 6’3″ 248 lbs., Boise State, Linebacker

One of our favorites, McClellin played three positions for the Broncos this past season: defensive end, linebacker and nickel back. His versatility shows how athletic he really is, and he could add immediate value to any NFL roster. He has some pass rush ability and can play the run well too.


10. Alameda Ta’Amu 6’2″ 341 lbs., Washington, Defensive Tackle

Low center of gravity, Ta’Amu has the makings for a 3-4 nose tackle. At Washington he played the 3 technique, but he is too valuable for 3-4 teams with his size and strength. He needs to work on playing with his hands more, but that will come with coaching. Ta’Amu is a linebackers dream, he can cover them up and let them run to the football.


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