March 21, 2018

SOTT Draft Profile: Alameda Ta’Amu

The next few weeks here on State of the Texans we will be doing some draft profiles of some particular players who could possibly fit into the Texans plans. We are not going to try to piece together scouting reports, but we enlist help of bloggers who actually cover the respective player and their school.


This edition of our draft watch, we focus on one of our favorite players of the draft, and we are looking at senior nose tackle from the Washington Huskies, Alemeda Ta’Amu. The 6’3″ 345 lbs. road block is a question mark when it comes to his draft stock. He has been projected to go as high as the Top 20, but some others see him as a 3rd round prospect. Ta’Amu was talked to by the Houston Texans brass at the Senior Bowl, and adding a bigger option behind Shaun Cody could be an option for a good Texans defense.


We talk to John from the UW Dawg Pound, and he gave us some thoughts on the big senior nose tackle from Washington.




Alameda Ta’amu is an intriguing prospect because of his size and speed. You draft a guy high like Ta’amu because you like his potential. There aren’t many guys with his combination of size and speed that are available in the draft each year.  That being said he never reached his potential while at Washington which makes me question his overall conditioning and work ethic. One thing he needs to improve at the next level is his overall flexibility which once again falls under conditioning to a certain extent. He plays stiff and he stands up to much once he gets tired so you won’t be able to count on him as an every down player immediately.



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