March 22, 2018

26/58 in Texans Favor

Tate was drafted #58 overall in 2010

With so much hype with the Houston Texans draft spot and what direction they could go, we are here to ease your minds to show you there have been some quality picks since 2002 in the #26 and #58 draft spots. Currently they are the first two round spots the Texans currently hold in the NFL draft, but that could change on draft day.

We look at, since the Texans have been in the league, the players picked at those draft spots. What we found were Super Bowl Champion players (who are all important pieces of their respective team), Pro Bowl players, big play wide receivers, two current Houston Texans, and three players with the last name Spencer.

Only one team actually picked at both spots (2002), which shows that the second round pick is usually shuffled in a trade. Majority of the solid picks happened during the 2008 NFL draft and after. If this is any indication of what the Texans might run into during the 2012 NFL Draft, things will be looking up for the Texans fan base after the first two rounds.

Take a look for yourself.




#26 Jonathan Baldwin, Wide Receiver, Kansas City

#58 Torrey Smith, Wide Receiver,  Baltimore



#26 Dan Williams, Defensive Tackle, Arizona

#58 Ben Tate, Running Back, Houston


#26 Clay Matthews Jr., Outside Linebacker, Green Bay

#52 Sebastian Vollmer, Offensive Line, New England




#26 Duane Brown, Offensive Line, Houston

#58 Dexter Jackson,Wide Receiver, New York Jets



#26 Anthony Spencer, Outside Linebacker, Dallas

#58 Ikaik Alama-Francis, Defensive Line, Detroit



#26 John McCargo, Defensive Line, Buffalo

#58 Richard Marshall, Defensive Back, Carolina



#26 Chris Spencer, Offensive Line, Seattle

#58 Terrance Murphy, Wide Receiver,  Green Bay


#26 Chris Perry, Running Back, Cincinnati

#58 Shawntae Spencer, Defensive Back, San Francisco



#26 Kwame Harris, Offensive Line,  San Francisco

#58 Mike Doss, Safety, Indianapolis



#26 Lito Sheppard, Defensive Back, Philadelphia

#58 Michael Lewis, Defensive Back, Philadelphia


Brown was drafted #26 Overall in 2008



*Texans hold the 3rd round-90th, 4th round-112nd, 5th round-144th, 6th round-176th, 7th round-208th, compensatory picks could change the draft spots also.

One Response to “26/58 in Texans Favor”
  1. Cygnus says:

    There’s a reason those are successful picks. Teams typically picking late in the first round are playoff teams with good management. Those teams didnt become playoff teams by making bad draft choices. These late round picks are well thought out, quality talent. Then the draftees themselves feel they need to play up for a better contract than their lower round draft status won them. It’s win-win for player and organization: well motivated players overlooked by poor management in the early rounds.

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