March 24, 2018

Roundtable: Free Agency Predictions

With the franchise tag being passed out as we speak, and Monday being the last official day to tag players, the NFL offseason is heating up. Luckily for you avid readers we have all the answers this offseason for the Texans. With so much speculation on what the Texans are going to do, myself along with Mike and TXCleaver decided to play our hand on what will occur this free agent period for the Texans.

We look at all the potential Texans free agents, name some possible cut candidates, and the most important free agent not named Mario Williams, Arian Foster or Chris Myers. Look at the predictions and tell us what you think.


Free Agent Predictions

Mario Williams

Pat: Amazingly, the numbers are crunched and Mario stays as a Texan.

Mike: Texans will make him a decent offer, but nowhere close to the “offer he can’t refuse” deal that was speculated on recently. He’ll walk and it will provide unspeakable flexibility.

TXC:  Gone


Arian Foster (Restricted)

Pat: Foster is tagged, and sets the foundation for a long-term deal.

Mike: Texans will franchise tag him for the $7.7m salary, but work out a long-term deal before the tag salary works against the 2012 cap.

TXC: Resigns short-term.


Chris Myers

Pat: Leaves for greener pastures.

Mike: I don’t think he would be telling every media outlet that he only wants to play for the Texans if he didn’t mean it. He’ll be back.

TXC: Gone. Signs elsewhere.


Mike Brisiel

Pat: Signed for a reasonable price tag.

Mike: Again, Mario walking allows them to keep the offensive line together. Brisiel was never going to break the bank.

TXC: Returns


Joel Dreessen

Pat: Expendable, especially with Garret Graham sitting in the wings. Plus James Casey returns to a more comfortable position.

Mike: Gone. He’ll get an offer for more playing time elsewhere and he’d be foolish not to take it.

TXC: Gone signs elsewhere


Derrick Ward, Bryant Johnson and Kasey Studdard

Pat: Not offered a deal.

Mike: On Ward: I doubt they keep him around for another year just to mentor the younger guys. They’ll take a replacement back in the late rounds of the draft. On Johnson and Studdard: Gone!

TXC:  Gone

Neil Rackers

Pat: Cheaper and younger options out there. Not resigned.

Mike: As much as I know you’ll hate it, Pat, he will be back. They don’t want to go into next season with a rookie kicker and Neil isn’t going to get paid that much.

TXC: Gone


Jason Allen

Pat: Gone, younger players behind him.

Mike:  Some idiot team will make him an offer after looking at his interception totals, but it won’t be Houston.

TXC: Gone.


Dominique Barber

Pat: Shiloh Keo and Quintin Demps mark the end for a fan favorite.

Mike: Some idiot team will make him an offer after looking at his interception totals, but it won’t be Houston.

TXC: Gone as well.


Tim Bulman

Pat: The Texans will go another direction.

Mike:  I don’t see him getting anything more than the minimum elsewhere, so he’s back at that cost

TXC: Gone.


Tim Dobbins

Pat: One of the unsung heroes of the Texans roster, will be back.

Mike: – I really can’t say. I know Wade likes him and he should be cheap, so I’ll say that he’s back.

TXC: Returns.


Quintin Demps (Restricted)

Pat: Will return.

Mike:  I could see them keeping Demps around for another season. He played well and I’d be shocked if anyone else offers him anything.

TXC:  Returns.


Who gets the Franchise Tag?

Pat: Arian Foster, sets the ground work for a long-term deal.

Mike:  Arian Foster

TXC: Don’t see them using the tag this year.


Which free agent Texans are most important to sign not named Williams, Foster and Myers?

Pat: Mike Brisiel, without him the Texans offensive line took a step back.

Mike: Mike Brisiel. You got to win in the trenches in this league.

TXC: Are there any? Like Brisiel for value .


Texans who possibly could be cut. 

Pat: Jacoby Jones, Matt Leinart, Jesse Nading, Antoine Caldwell

Mike: Kevin Walter, Matt Leinart, Jacoby Jones, Rashad Butler

TXC: Jacoby  Jones, Matt Leinart, Shuan Cody, Darryl Sharpton


Move(s) that Shocks the Fan Base. 

Pat: Mario stays in Houston, but because of the signing any other players not named Arian Foster have to find new homes. Plus the Texans add a veteran wide receiver prior to the draft.

Mike: Jacoby Jones stays, Rashad Butler cut and Matt Schaub is extended.

TXC: The fan base is pretty saturated with information, guesses, and endless predicting.  I don’t see much that can shock anybody, especially given how close the Texans are to winning big. The most polarizing & stunning move I can see them making is keeping Mario Williams. The financial hit could paralyze the team for years. Keeping Mario would give Wade Phillips flexibility across the rest of the front seven that is nearly impossible to replace.


5 Responses to “Roundtable: Free Agency Predictions”
  1. TXCleaver says:

    Should note on Foster that I think they use his RFA status but ends up signing with Houston. You’re welcome for my brevity – typed that on phone in a hurry.

  2. Claire says:

    so is there any scenario where the texans let arian walk and the fans freak out??? i can support just about anything but that. and haha to the above comments.

  3. Keith says:

    I know Texans fans want to Mario back and you need pass rushers but with that money they could address so many other needs. If you want to go into win now mode and try to get to a superbowl or bust like the Cards Vikes Jets did just know it doesnt always work. I would go the route of letting him leave drafting a replacement and signing a reggie wayne or Llyod, Garcon type WR to go opposite Andre. This way you still have a 2 headed rushing attack the O-line and the same def from most of last year but with a better QB and better WR’s plus whoever you draft.

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