March 20, 2018

Peyton Manning to Houston? No Thanks

Dear Texans’ Fan Base,


This is just a reminder that just because Peyton Manning got released does not mean we go crazy and think we need to add him to get us over the hump. Last time I checked, the Texans did just fine without him in 2011 and could have gone even further if Matt Schaub wouldn’t have suffered a freak foot injury. I really can’t think of any reason that I would want Manning over what we have now.  If you would have asked me this question 5 years ago, heck yes bring him in. There are too many issues that come with Manning and we all know the potential for adding him could cause more harm than good.

* Would the Texans’ offense have to change for Manning or would Manning fit into the bootleg scheme that Gary Kubiak has masterminded. This offense is Kubiak’s baby and control is key and it is all in Kubiak’s hand.  To think he would change the offense to a run and gun offense for him is crazy. Could Manning play under center, of course, but…

* With all of the roll out plays, Manning would be exposed to some hits that he hasn’t experienced before. Think about where Manning operated in Indy, from the shotgun which allowed him extra time to read and throw. With his neck issues, one play or freak fall could cause some unwanted issues and the Texans are looking for their backup quarterbacks again. Yes, every player in the NFL is one play away from injury, but it seems with Manning’s current health issues the window for injury might be greater. Heck, Manning didn’t even pass his former team’s physcial which landed him in free agency.

* Adding Manning would definitely close the door on key free agents like Chris Myers, Mike Brisiel, Mario Williams, Joel Dreessen, to name a few. Ok maybe not all of them would be gone, but maybe one of those return with bringing in Manning. Would you want your team to put all of their eggs in one basket for maybe a 1 year run? Next year’s free agent class is more important than this year’s.

* The Texans have something good going and adding Manning could throw a big change in the plans. Not saying Manning isn’t a great teammate, but the Texans started something special in 2011 and want to finish it with their core players in place. The locker room is a sacred place, why try and fix a situation when it is not broke?

* The Texans have bigger issues than quarterback.  The Texans need to handle their “other” issues before thinking about replacing a piece that is better than average in Matt Schaub.

* The biggest factor has to be Matt Schaub is Gary Kubiak’s HAND PICKED quarterback after the David Carr era. Kubiak is devoted to his quarterback and this offense is light years better when Schaub is at the controls because he sees what Kubiak sees. Manning might have superior physical skills to Schaub, but Schaub has the advantage of being 5 years ahead of any quarterback in this offense.


I know people will disagree, but as a fan, just like you, I’m not ready to throw it all in for one shot. I want consistency plus winning and the Texans are on the path for that right now. Not saying Manning can’t do it for the Texans, but this is about the team and the franchise, and this is bigger than one player. NFL teams have to build their roster from top to bottom with the 53 players they have on the active roster and the Texans did that in 2011. So to all of you “Manning to Houston” supporters, be realistic and understand it takes more than one player to get you to the Super Bowl.


Patrick D. Starr





3 Responses to “Peyton Manning to Houston? No Thanks”
  1. Claire says:

    agree on all points. 100%.

  2. Emeritus says:

    I totally agree. I’m disappointed that Matt Schaub doesn’t get more respect from the Houston fans. A couple of years ago, before the Texans got the running game going, Matt led the NFL in passing. He executes Kubiak’s scheme masterfully. There in nobody that I would rather have running the offense. All that the Texans need is to keep everybody together and everybody healthy.

    • Mike says:

      I would bring in Payton. Matt Schaub has not played a full season in 3 years why is this year going to be different. That’s why he has not been given a long term contract.

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