March 17, 2018

The End: Williams Leaves


The Houston Texans can finally move on after a three-day marathon pertaining to defensive end Mario Williams touring the city of Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills decided to throw a 6 year deal worth up to $100 million dollars, with $50 million of that guaranteed. That immediately drawfed any offer any NFL team could offer, especially the Texans, as we all know the financial shape the organization is currently in heading into free agency. There should be some comfort to Texans’ fans knowing the Williams contract could be worth 3 to 4 NFL players that could provide depth, and it was not the Texans throwing that money out there. This closes the book on what fans would call one of the “original Texans”, remember he was taken over two big college names when he came out of North Carolina State in 2006 and seemed to be the unpopular pick at the time.

Williams has definitely had the better career of the two chosen after him, but to say that Williams has lived up to what is expected of a premier pass rusher might be stretching it. I was asked recently to do a Q&A on Williams with a Bills blogging site, called Buffalo Wins. After doing the piece with the site, I have come to realize that the Bills DID overpay for Williams and with a contract like that expectations will be through the roof.  Did he live up to those expectations in Houston? To a point yes, but now the investment the Bills have made will turn it into another ballgame.


Some fans might be disappointed that Williams said this to John McClain on the Houston Chronicle’s Ultimate Texans Blog about MONEY:

I’m not worried about that. It’s really not that big of a deal to me. I was the first pick (in 2006), and I’ve already had everything I really wanted, so my biggest thing is to be in a good position, a good scheme, a good system and continuing my career. Hopefully, it works out.

It’s always important to be in a position to be successful. That comes with teammates around you, coaching, having that winning attitude. You want to (play) where you can thrive no matter where you are.


Yes, I am disappointed Williams did not return to the Texans, but the realization that money and the greater good of the organization are the bigger picture here make it ok. The Texans will have even more issues than trying to sign Chris Myers and/or Mike Brisiel in the coming days with Williams out of the picture.  In the 2013 free agency period, players like Matt Schaub, Glover Quin, Connor Barwin and Duane Brown will be up for new contracts. Signing Williams would have seriously put signing those players for future years into jeopardy, so Williams not being retained is just a piece of the puzzle.

We do wish Williams the best in Buffalo, but this is about the Houston Texans not one player. The Texans are still a playoff team without Williams, and the defense that ended the 2011 season will be back full strength with all eleven starters returning. It is a sad day for Texans fans around but life does go on.  The Texans gave Williams the opportunity to be what he is today, a $100 million dollar man.



 This song is dedicated to you Mario.


One Response to “The End: Williams Leaves”
  1. TacoJoe says:

    Oh I think Buffalo over payed by a lot. I also think if he has the injury issues he did while he was here in Buf, Bills fans will wonder why they have so much cap tied up in one person. I am not saying he is injury prone, shit he plays through it. Just saying he is most productive when he is 100% and he hasnt been that in a while

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