March 18, 2018

Mario Sends Message to Fans

Yesterday after Mario Williams signed his blockbuster deal with the Buffalo Bills, Williams sent a message through his twitter account to the Houston Texans organization and their fans:


Via Mario Williams twitter account @bbwolf90


Thanks to all the real Texan fans out there. It has been a great ride for six years and I wish the team the very best. Much love to the players, coaches and staff. It is unfortunate to have to leave such a great place due to salary cap constraints and other intentions. It is very fortunate to have the memories, sweat, blood and tears with the guys in that organization and now the opportunity to be apart of The Bills franchise and begin the drive down the road this city and people deserve. I will always love my true Texans out there and a piece of my heart will always remain with you and to all other bandwagon fans out there remember be careful what you say. I will see you all either way very soon! #childsplay. GO BILLS




2 Responses to “Mario Sends Message to Fans”
  1. ronald says:

    Wishing u the absolute best in all your endeavors cause you are a true class act!

  2. ronald says:

    You have been a true Class Act. I’m sad to see you go (the family will miss the man-child) but, I’m happy to see you grow (the financial rewards are well deserved). Live long and prosper “Super” Mario !

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