March 24, 2018

DeMeco Ryans Shipped To Philly

In another shocking move, the Houston Texans have traded inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans to the Philadelphia Eagles for draft picks. The Texans and Eagles swapped their third round picks (Now picking 77th overall) and received the 4th overall pick in the 4th round (100th overall). The move comes on the heels of what appears to be one of the craziest off seasons in Texans franchise history, where the Texans have also lost Mario Williams and cut long time right tackle Eric Winston.

Ryans was drafted to the Texans in 2006 (33rd overall) where he garnered NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. One of the most decorated and respected players in the Texans’ locker room and two-time Pro Bowler (’07,’09), Ryans’ leadership is what will be missed the most. Known as the “Captain”, he was the one the team rallied around defensively and has been the cornerstone of the defense since he was placed as the starting middle linebacker for the Texans.

In 2010, Ryans suffered an Achilles injury that put him on the sideline for the majority of season, but he made a quick recovery coming into the 2011 season. It was apparent that Ryans was not healthy coming into training camp and looked a step slower than the Ryans fans knew pre-2010. Ryans looked like he struggled to regain his old self and became a two down linebacker for the Texans as the season wore on.  He finally looked close to his old playing ways late in the season and in the playoffs. He also battled an elbow issue, which wasn’t disclosed during the season, which seemed to also hamper him during the season.

The Texans have made another unfavorable move with the fan base with letting go one of the all-time favorite players of the organization. Just like the Winston release, the fan base needs to look at the big picture and see that he was not the right fit for the Texans’ defense.  He is a stout 4-3 middle linebacker and works better in that system. The bigger factor was what his remaining salary looked like for the coming years, and he is due $5.9 million this coming season with $1.45 million of that guaranteed, and was a big cap number for a cap strapped team. His remaining contract looked like this,  ’13-$6.6 million ’14-$6.8 million and ’15 $6.8 million, which was too much for the Texans to pay for a part-time player.

This is a sad day for Houston fans, but the game will go on. There has to be an off-season plan in place, because moves like this are hard to explain. This is a move to bring in younger and cheaper players and the trade itself sounds like it will cost the Texans in cap space, but that number is still yet to be to released.


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