March 24, 2018

Nike Doesn’t Mess Up a Good Thing

The Claire Bear is at it again.


We all want a pair.

NEW UNI DAY IS COMING!!! The anticipation was great, the build-up greater, the unveiling? Sort of snooze worthy. Seattle looks like it belongs in the PAC-12, just now with uniforms that will fit right in. The more “traditional” teams i.e., Chicago, Green Bay, Dallas, appear virtually unchanged. Overall, there aren’t a whole lot of differences other than fit. The new Nike pants look somehow tighter along with the Nike jerseys, which look more like UnderArmor (from Uniform Features Highly Innovative, Lightweight Uniform System,) as opposed to the typical loose polyester blend to which fans have grown so accustomed. The distinction between what Nike is putting out there versus the Reebok brand appears to be primarily performance-based, with few changes on uniform design.

The Texans didn’t change much,which could be a good or bad thing. The positive: the Texans’ uniforms look clean, streamlined, classic, not-too-busy (looking at you, Seattle, Cincinnati, Tennessee.) The team maintains its traditionalprimary uniform of Liberty White pants, Steel Blue jersey and helmets that appear virtually unchanged. One notable difference in the 2012 Texans’ jersey, though, is the thicker stripe along the v-neck. It adds a little something. Not quite sure what yet, but something. Those gloves… those are so fly we should all own a pair. The shoes? Not quite. Maybe if you’re into bowling in cleats.

This is all super-subjective, but you know what would’ve been cool? Some sort of stripe down the middle of the helmet. Just a Battle Red line down the middle would have been a small but appreciated addition. One more thing that would’ve been a nice add: a smallish Toro somewhere on the chest of the jersey. This would be more so for the jersey owning fans than anyone else, but many Texans fans seem to believe this addition would distinguish a Texans jersey from the Bills, Pats and Giants, for whom people outside of Houston often mistake a Texans jersey. Just a thought, Nike.

In the end, other than from a uniform performance aspect, the build-up was much ado about nothing – unless you are a Seahawks fan. Apparently, what went down with the Seattle unis is the future of NFL outfitting and if Jermichael Finley’s reaction from Twitter is any indicator (@JermichaelF88: “Seahawks has the best looking Jerseys. THEY ARE SICK!”), it seems the people on the field wearing the uniforms are enthusiastic for the future of what Nike has in store for the NFL. But, that’s the distant future; for now, I’d just like to get my eyes on the Liberty Whites and Battle Reds for 2012.


Bowling Anyone?










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  1. Jenn Dennen says:

    Those shoes are super lame. Great assessment Claire Bear.

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