March 22, 2018

The Enigma: Jacoby Jones

The second installment from D. Roque

Enigma– something hard to understand or explain (Merriam-Webster)

Synonyms– puzzle, head scratcher, mystery, problem, question



Why is wide receiver Jacoby Jones still on the Houston Texans roster? This is a big question that is on the minds of Texans fans. He has somehow eluded being cut from the roster when other players of need are being released, and lost to free agency. Texans fans have wondered why Jacoby wasn’t cut to make cap room when players like Eric Winston (Kansas City Chiefs), Mario Williams (Buffalo Bills), and Mike Brisiel (Oakland Raiders) left because the Texans had not cap space to resign them. Let’s look into the enigma that is Jacoby Jones.



Now we can all agree a good puzzle that’s challenging is fun every once in a while; however puzzles that take five years to solve takes an unusual amount of patience and vision. Head coach Gary Kubiak must see something brewing in Jacoby that no one else is able to see which makes it puzzling why he remains on this team. Let me be clear I don’t have any personal agenda against Jacoby, but looking at his stats from the 2011 NFL season is disappointing. Jacoby’s stats from 2011 are as follows: Games – 16, Receptions – 31, Yards – 512, Touchdowns – 2 at 16.5 yards per reception. These stats sound good if you’re a rookie, but not when you’re a 5 year veteran and starting for 10 games out of a 16 game season. After looking back over the 2011 season you can see why head coach Gary Kubiak would point out that the Texans had left some plays out on the field. Why? Some of the Texans drives stalled at the hands of Jacoby “Butterfingers” Jones on crucial third downs.

His drops somewhat remind me of a character named “Brucie” from the movie “The Longest Yard” (2005) who would blame his mishaps on the football field to having just eaten popcorn. This personifies Jacoby Jones as a wide receiver. Quarterback Matt Schaub would drop back on third downs and hit wide open Jacoby Jones in the hands and he’d drop it. Jacoby would get up and look as if to say “I just ate popcorn, butter still on my hands.”



If anyone knows about weight training knows that in order for a muscle to grow you must first tear it down and build it up again. Well, this is my attempt to build Jacoby back up. (Errr..sort of) Let’s look are some of the problems that hamper Jacoby’s production.

  1. Run game: The run game is a staple in Kubiak’s offense, and it doesn’t give much room for a lot of passes being distributed. This happens especially when Arian Foster is on his “A” game. Also, when the run game is working that means more cut blocking as well as blocking downfield. All this cuts into the amount of balls being thrown Jacoby’s way.
  2. Tight Ends: The Texans run a ton of two tight end sets which can be for the run game, play-action, etc., and this places Jacoby on the sidelines.
  3. Andre Johnson: Andre Johnson is the primary wide receiver and the first read on any pass play. The ball will always go to Andre if he is single covered or finds a soft spot in the defense. When defenses create significant pressure it cuts into the time Matt Schaub has to get to Jacoby as his third option.
  4. Special Teams: As of the last couple of years the blocking for Jacoby Jones has been horrible. Either the special teams unit can’t hold blocks due to the speed of the coverage team, or he gets pinned deep in the Texans territory. If Jacoby breaks one it usually gets nullified by a flag. (illegal block in the back)

It’s undeniable the talent that Jacoby has he’s a tall receiver will good speed enough to spread the field. The ability to spread the field means nothing when he doesn’t complete the play by catching the ball. The threat of Jacoby on special teams to take one to the house has Texans fans hollering for Jacoby to take it to momma. On the other hand it also gives Texans fans anxiety of the possibility of him bobbling a punt return. A problem we have as Texans fans is that we forget the plays that Jacoby does make. There were times where Jacoby did complete a third down to keep a drive going, times where he ran punt/kickoff returns back for touchdowns. One major play that was made by Jacoby came on a pass to the back of the end zone where Jacoby had to get both feet down and helped propel the Texans to their first winning season in 2009 at 9-7. The talent, ability, and potential have always been there the only true problem is consistency.



When the Texans arrived back at Reliant Stadium after their game in Baltimore they were greeted by fans with cheers. Once they came out to head home and pulled out in their vehicles one vehicle came out and slowed down to fans crowding around it. It was Jacoby Jones who stopped to greet fans and take the time to apologize for the mistake he made and affirm the fans that he would comeback hungrier than ever. This was a classy move by Jacoby which moved the cloud of bitterness that some fans had over his head for the time. Jacoby Jones knows what needs to be done to succeed; however the mystery is will he be able to put it all together before his roster spot is taken.


One Response to “The Enigma: Jacoby Jones”
  1. Frank says:

    Everybody know that if Jacoby was the reason we lost to the Ravens and it’s been a lot of plays he goofed up and now they are saying Jacoby Jones is still on the Texans roster,any other team he would have been gone time the season ended,it really tick me off because I know the Texans are a championship team in 2012 if they do the right thing by getting a little help.

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