March 21, 2018

Rebuilding the 2012 Texans


In light of the upcoming draft I thought I would look into how I would go about rebuilding the Houston Texans through the draft. With the draft being unpredictable I am going to focus only on the eight picks the Texans have. First off let’s look at some of the key players that the Texans lost due to free agency and left holes in some places and lack of depth in others. Here is a short list of the players that left due to free agency.

  1. Mario Williams: Defensive End/Outside Linebacker – Buffalo Bills
  2. DeMeco Ryans: Linebacker – Philadelphia Eagles
  3. Jason Allen: Cornerback – Cincinnati Bengals
  4. Eric Winston: Tackle – Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Mike Brisiel: Guard – Oakland Raiders
  6. Joel Dreessen: Tight End – Denver Broncos

There are several other players that haven’t resigned with the team and are still free agents, but for now we will focus on the players that we know have moved on. The draft starts April 26th and finishes on April 28th, and the Houston Texans have eight picks and they are as follows: round 1 – 26, round 2 – 58, round 3 – 76, round 4 – 99*/121 (*acquired from Philadelphia for DeMeco Ryans), round 5 – 161, round 6 – 195, and round 7 – 233. I will give my picks based on which players fill needs, and not necessarily the best player available.

Round One

(In Roger Goodell’s voice) With the 26th pick of the 2012 draft the Houston Texans select Shea McClellin outside linebacker from Boise State. I picked him to fill the void left by Mario Williams. You want your defense to remain in the top 5 well I believe he is quality depth and great competition for Brooks Reed. Shea McClellin will either make Brooks Reed step up or step aside. McClellin is a relentless, high-motor player (Wade Phillips prototype) with good pass rush ability much like Brooks Reed. McClellin is an explosive player that plays with aggression and has the ability to drop into coverage. My optional picks at pick 26 are Stephen Hill wide receiver from Georgia Tech, and Dont’a Hightower linebacker from Alabama.

Round Two

In the second round since I went defense first with the 58th pick I will draft my next wide receiver in Marvin Jones of California. Marvin Jones is quick off the line of scrimmage closing the gap between him and the cornerback; he tracks the ball well in the air, runs great routes as well as the entire route tree. He has large hands that allow him to pluck the ball in the air over defensive backs. He’s versatile enough to play all three wide receiver positions, and will be an excellent complement to Andre Johnson. The optional picks I have in this round are Jared Crick defensive tackle/defensive end and Bruce Irvin defensive end/outside linebacker.

Round Three

In round three the Texans have been known to pick a lineman whether it is an offensive lineman or a defensive lineman. I am going defensive lineman with the 76th pick, and I’m drafting Josh Chapman defensive tackle from Alabama. I picked Chapman not for his ability to push the pocket, but for his ability to hold up against double teams and stuff the run up the middle. We have seen the Texans have issues stopping the run up the middle from time to time due to having smaller defensive tackles behind Shaun Cody. Chapman plays with violent hands, has good upper/lower body strength to anchor in the middle. My optional picks for this round would be Mike Martin defensive tackle from Michigan and Derek Wolfe defensive tackle from Cincinnati.

Round Four

In this round it is somewhat tricky because either of my picks can go before or after the other. We have the luxury of two picks in round four and with the 99th pick I would draft James-Michael Johnson linebacker from Nevada. Johnson provides inside linebacker depth with the loss of DeMeco Ryans. I picked Johnson because he’s a team captain, a downhill player that can plug up running lanes much like Daryl Sharpton. My optional picks here would be Keenan Robinson linebacker of Texas and Josh Norman cornerback of Coastal Carolina.

My second fourth rounder at pick number 121 would be Philip Blake offensive lineman from Baylor. I picked Blake here because it’s time for the Texans to draft their next center and start grooming him for the future. Chris Myers is playing out his final contract and the Texans don’t have a definitive successor at center. Blake has the flexibility to play guard or center, is a great run blocker, and has the strength to hold up against most nose tackles. Blake has the lateral agility and footwork to excel in the zone blocking scheme. My optional picks here would be Brandon Taylor safety from LSU, Brandon Brooks guard from Miami (OH), and Coryell Judie cornerback from Texas A&M.

Fifth Round

In the fifth round I will draft another tackle for depth. With the 161st pick I would draft Tom Compton tackle from South Dakota. To keep this straight to the point Tom Compton is basically Eric Winston 2.0 all the way down to the knee injury. My optional picks here would be Marvin McNutt wide receiver from Iowa, and Rhett Ellison tight end from USC.


Sixth Round

For the sixth round of the draft I am going to pull a typical Gary Kubiak move and pick a Miami (FLA) player and yes it will be a tight end. LOL. With the 195th pick I’m drafting Chase Ford tight end from Miami (the “U”). Ford is a poor man’s Jimmy Graham. He has the size and athleticism to produce, but is raw and needs developing before he can make any impact. With Ford’s size (6’6 @ 258) I’m interested to see what Gary Kubiak can do to exploit defensive matchups with Ford on the field. My optional picks here are Ron Brooks cornerback from LSU, and Kelcie McCray safety from Arkansas State.

Seventh Round

In the final round of the draft I will draft a guy who can play special teams. With the 233rd pick of the draft my pick will be Randy Bullock kicker from Texas A&M. Yes, Gary Kubiak strikes again, and he drafts an Aggie. I don’t know if Neil Rackers will return, but in the event he doesn’t and goes elsewhere Bullock is your backup plan. He has one of the strongest legs in college football, as he kicked many 50 yard field goals with success. My optional picks here would be BJ Cunningham wide receiver of Michigan State and Chris Owusu wide receiver from Stanford. These two receivers would provide depth at receiver and competition for Jacoby Jones on kickoff/punt returns.


This is what I would do to cover all the players lost and add depth to certain positions with only eight draft picks. What would you do with eight draft picks to fill the Texans roster for 2012?



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4 Responses to “Rebuilding the 2012 Texans”
  1. Chuck says:

    Is S. McClellin rising up draft boards too quickly to trade back and hope that he drops?

    • PDS says:

      Shea has been getting first round grades of late. Don’t think he will drop that far. #26 is a good spot for him, if he drops it won’t be far enough that late in the second round for the Texans to grab him. Get McClellin there or miss out.

  2. TexansFan84 says:

    I wouldn’t be opposed to snagging Randy Bullock in the 6th… if he’s still available. I’ve read elsewhere that Minnesota and Pittsburgh are also keeping a close eye on 2011’s #1 kicker in college football.

    The guy has a cannon for a leg and accuracy to boot!

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