March 22, 2018

Houston Texans 2012 Schedule Preview

From the mind of D. Roque


The 2012 NFL schedule has been released and the Houston Texans have received 5 primetime games to show the nation that they have turned the corner. I have to admit this schedule isn’t murderer’s row but it isn’t for the squeamish. The Houston Texans schedule is as follows:


Week 1: Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans (Texans lead series 6-0)

This matchup has been totally dominated by the Texans. However all the games have been close the Texans have somehow been able to keep this young team in check. Hopefully, they can do it for the seventh time and start the season right at 1-0


Week 2: Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (Series tied 9-9)

This is a divisional rival that has been a thorn in the Texans side over the past few seasons. Texans have to get up on this team early in the game and take the fight out of them and start off 1-0 in the division.


Week 3: Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos (Broncos lead series 2-1)

Texans fans have to like this game as it is against a quarterback that in previous years has carved them up like a Thanksgiving turkey, but he is coming back from multiple neck surgeries and the Bulls on Parade will be licking their chops to see if he is the same QB. If he isn’t Peyton Manning will experience what it’s like to be involved in a stampede all day long.


Week 4: Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans (Titans lead series 13-5)

TNT matchup, and there is no love lost between these two teams. Texans would do well to get this win at home versus another divisional opponent and move to 2-0 in their division.


Week 5: Houston Texans @ New York Jets (Jets lead 4-0)

The Texans first prime time game and it’s on Monday Night Football. Time for the Bulls on Parade to shine on a national stage in the media capital of the world New York (really New Jersey), but the Texans will have their shot at Tim Tebow again as the Texans gave up a winnable game to Tebow when he was a rookie quarterback for the Denver Broncos. The Texans need to get this one because the last time they played here they made a tremendous comeback just to lose on questionable play calling by Head Coach Gary Kubiak in the red zone and by a swiss cheese secondary.


Week 6: Green Bay Packers @ Houston Texans (Series tied 1-1)

This is the second prime time slot for the Texans on Sunday Night. This is at home against the 2010 Super Bowl Champs. If the Texans ever want to gain instant respect this is one of the games they need to win to prove to the fans, the league and themselves that they have arrived.


Week 7: Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans (Ravens lead series 5-0)

This matchup has been lopsided from day 1, but as of late the gap between the two teams has narrowed extremely and the Texans are on the brink of surpassing the Ravens as one of the elite defenses. The last few games versus the Ravens have come down to the final moments where the Texans have shown their lack of experience to close games keeping them out of the win column. I believe that is going to change week 7 in Houston. It will be a black and blue type of game, but expect the Texans to unleash carnage on the Ravens. The 12th man will be huge in this game.


Week 8: Bye


Week 9: Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans (Bills lead series 3-2)

This will be the Homecoming for Mario Williams, and hopefully it will be a forgettable one for Mario. I look for him to come in and try to impose his will on the Texans front line, but I suspect that because Mario has played for many years here they know how to go about nullifying him and minimizing his effectiveness. The Texans offense should be too much for them to check and the Bulls on Parade gang should have a big day going after the quarterback with wave upon wave on pass rush pressures.


Week 10: Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears (Texans lead series 2-0)

Going to Soldier Field should be a tough matchup, with the potential weather being a factor, and the Bears revamped team. The Bears will have starting quarterback Jay Cutler back and his favorite wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. With the combination of the two and throw in Matt Forte this will be a formidable team and a good game in a prime time slot on Sunday night.


Week 11: Jacksonville @ Houston Texans

Texans should close out this two game series with a win at home versus their divisional opponent.


Week 12: Houston Texans @ Detroit Lions (Series tied 1-1)

Wow! The Texans strike it big with a Thanksgiving Day game. With this game being on the schedule lets Texans fans know that what the Texans did last year didn’t go unnoticed by the league. This will be a huge matchup of two up and coming teams and a showcase of the top two receivers in the game today. The Johnson brothers (Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson) will have a war of wills. Which Johnson do you believe is best? Well when this game is over we should have an answer.


Week 13: Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

Texans going to invade LP Field and come out with a win. This game may not be as easy as last year with the Titans star receiver Kenny Britt being back, but the Texans are the better team and hopefully they will be riding a wave of momentum from a win over the Lions that helps them get another win on the road.


Week 14: Houston Texans @ New England Patriots (Patriots lead series 2-1)

This is a huge prime time (Monday Night Football) game on the backend of the Texans schedule. For all the excitement that Texans fans had for all the prime time games we can’t overlook the fact that this is a surprisingly tough three game stretch in which the Texans need to get at least 2 of 3 of these games. The two tight ends for the Patriots will be a challenge for the Texans and Tom Brady will be looking to pick apart any weaknesses the Texans secondary has if they don’t get adequate pressure on him.


Week 15: Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans (Colts lead series (16-2)

This should be an interesting game as the Texans will meet the quarterback that is supposed to fill the shoes of former quarterback Peyton Manning. This game will give us a taste of what we will see over the next 10 years or so. I also see this matchup as an opportunity to close this ridiculous gap in the win/loss record between the Texans and Colts.


Week 16: Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans (Vikings lead series 2-0)

YAWN, next game please. Texans should win.


Week 17: Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

Whoever did the scheduling here made a mistake. There is no way that the Texans should finish the regular season by playing the same team twice within a week of each other. Also, as a side note this will be the Texans first game on the road to close out a regular season. Hopefully this will be a game where the starters are resting and getting ready for the playoffs for the second time in the franchise’s history.


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    So you are saying 15-1??? lol, I am calling 12-4 and i am just fine saying it

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