March 24, 2018

Compromising Position

Here’s the difficulty with my position: I have to make Texans football attractive to women, yet not repellant to men. Not a lot of stories meeting this criteria during draft season.  Here’s the compromise. I give you a girl story now, I give you draft coverage Friday and Saturday. Fair? 

Essentially I am running for student council as an adult against a super cute chick several years my junior.  What could possibly go wrong? Surprisingly advancing through round 1 versus the uber-adorable Amanda (@amandalynette), then the very sexy Jayme (@lee_jayme)   – you will see I encourage your use of Twitter, such a powerful medium – now, the competition is Jackie (@miss_southwest) . What chance do I have? One vote per computer. This is a change from previous rounds. I am convinced the people in my life whom I’ve managed to charm into loving me or to whom I’m related by blood, voted numerous times, knowing how badly I want my jersey. CLAIREBEAR. It’s my screensaver on my phone, replacing the Connor Barwin crotch shot (don’t judge me – the phone made me crop it!) It’s maybe the most beautiful jersey I’ve ever seen and I covet it hard.

The most coveted custom Texans jersey EVER!


Can you blame me? Y’all should know me –  suede Steel Blue platform heels, the navy AG jeans that take 10 years off your butt (therefore, they are worth $165, so there!) with THAT jersey???  I may never wear anything else…  Yes, I will still buy the Duane Brown jersey I promised to get after a contest on Twitter, which I lost, but this one… I’ll probably get this one myself after coming in second, BUT how fun would it be to run into y’all at games and know I’m the freaky chick who started to believe in the Madden Curse and tries to talk chicks into digging football? This is a beginning to what I hope is a long and strong relationship with the State of the Texans fans.

But I accept that Jackie’s got the young the young male vote, just like the sport we follow. I’ll see whatever consolation prize Joe’s got planned. This thing is stressful – begging your friends to vote for you? Very Student Council VP of me (that was a great job: little work, looked great on applications.)  So pleading with you, readers – in preparation of the draft, you can get enthusiastic, we-can-make-this-pick work ClaireBear or we can go with, well-I-guess-this-guy-will-do ClaireBear. Either way, I’ll tell the truth, but it’ll all be in the details.  In other words: #VoteClaireBear get fun draft pick updates this week.  Cool?

The brackets


If we find any interest in this, we’ll see what I can do to drum up support for some sort of ladies contest of our own – it won’t be the same contest, but we’ll still try to outdo each other in the name of Texanshood.  I do this for us in the name of Texan camaraderie. Like it? I’m stoked.  Tell me your thoughts and we’ll try and organize something fun for the ladies probably right after the draft.  Can’t wait! Comment below, pretty please!

10 Responses to “Compromising Position”
  1. taco joe says:

    Yay.. Claire I will tell you if I was voting it would be hard to choose. Cuz I love you both

  2. The Claire Bear says:

    I don’t expect your favoritism – although appreciate all you’ve done! Jacquelyn is an awesome person as well…

  3. Taco Joe says:

    I try Claire, I try!

  4. tricia says:

    Girl story now, draft coverage later? Perfectly fair. This jersey must be yours. The heels, the jeans (10 years off the butt? Priceless!), and the jersey = hottest Texan fan around!

  5. Jenn Dennen says:

    Claire Bear,
    Would that be Adrienne Goldshmiede jeans! I miss mine! Can’t wear since having babies. Go Texans! Bulls In Parade!

  6. Jenn Dennen says:

    I meant on, not in. Bulls On Parade! Go Texans!

  7. The Claire Bear says:

    Adriano Goldschmeid’s > Citizens??? maybe?! life-changing, lol! Bulls on Parade, indeed, Jenn!!! Texans for Life!

  8. Schneidy says:

    You Rock girl. Win this one!!

  9. LG says:

    Loving the posts Claire Bear. Keep ’em coming!

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