March 24, 2018

Draft Anticipation

Now that the draft is only a few days away the anticipation has mounted greatly in Houston Texans fans. I personally am extremely amped about what the Houston Texans have in store for this year’s draft, and the suspense of the event as a whole is almost unbearable. So many of us feel as though we know exactly what the Texans will pick and we know what’s best for the team. The funny thing about being a fan of your team around draft time is that we will pick a particular player at a certain position one moment and the next we will pick someone totally different. Then to make matters more complicated we add in the analysis of respectable draft analysts’ and it takes out anticipation of the draft to an insanely high level.


I have gone back and forth with my decisions on who I think the Texans will pick in the first round of the draft. My first thoughts were that the Texans would take a wide receiver to be a number two next to Andre Johnson and in time replace Andre to be the number one receiver. I have considered a wide range of wide receivers from Kendall Wright of Baylor, to Alshon Jeffrey of South Carolina, to Rueben Randle of LSU, to Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech. After looking at those options and seeing that the wide receiver pool is so deep that you can find a good receiver in just about any round why use this pick on a receiver who isn’t necessarily going to start? Needless to say like most fans my opinion of who the Texans would draft with the 26th pick of the first round changed, and outside linebacker began to seem like a greater possibility. The outside linebacker that kept coming to mind was Shea McClellin of Boise State. (for more info on McClellin see my article on Rebuilding the 2012 Houston Texans) The past couple of weeks it seemed to me that McClellin was a virtual certainty to be the Texans pick at 26, but after listening to people close to the Texans and other draft analysts the wheels in my mind started turning again and I began to reevaluate my pick. I started to hear rumors that the Texans could pick another position and it could be an offensive lineman or a defensive lineman. A couple names popped up and one in particular was Jerel Worthy, who could very easily be available and the back end of the first round. The possibilities and options at number 26 could be endless especially as positions that teams covet in the draft begin to come off the board quickly which will put the Texans in a position to negotiate for more draft picks.


In this year’s draft I expect a lot of movement and draft trades with teams jockeying for position to get players that they love and covet by trading up. This puts teams with higher draft spots in a good position to trade back and get additional picks for the current draft or future draft picks. The important thing about the Texans position is that with so many teams in need of a quarterback there is a good chance that when the Texans get ready to pick they could be fielding calls from teams that want to get back into the first round to draft a certain quarterback, because that player probably won’t make it to that teams second round pick. One of the things that I have been pondering is will the Texans trade out of the first round to collect extra picks and try to build the depth back up that was slightly depleted with the loss of some of their free agents and roster cuts. It would be huge if the Texans could trade out of the first and get in the top ten of the second round and get a greater value for players that had a second round grade but first round talent. If the Texans could manage to trade out of the first round I would expect them to get extra second and third round picks. Truly, this scenario is what my gut is telling me will happen, but they could also stay at 26 and draft the best player available.


I tend to like creating my own draft board of players at certain positions that I like and believe the Texans would draft. Below I will throw out a few names of players I like by position for the Texans.


Outside Linebacker

  1. Whitney Mercilus – Illinois
  2. Shea McClellin – Boise State
  3. Vinny Curry – Marshall
  4. Bruce Irvin – West Virginia
  5. Ronnell Lewis – Oklahoma

Defensive End

  1. Jared Crick – Nebraska
  2. Derek Wolfe – Cincinnati
  3. Tyrone Crawford – Boise State

Defensive Tackle

  1. Alameda Ta’amu – Washington
  2. Josh Chapman – Alabama
  3. Jerel Worthy – Michigan State
  4. Brandon Thompson – Clemson
  5. Mike Martin – Michigan

Wide Receiver

  1. Stephen Hill – Georgia Tech
  2. Rueben Randle – Louisiana State
  3. Marvin Jones – California
  4. AJ Jenkins – Illinois
  5. Marvin McNutt – Iowa
  6. Tommy Streeter – Miami (FL)
  7. DeVier Posey – Ohio State

Tight Ends

  1. Coby Fleener – Stanford
  2. Rhett Ellison – Southern California
  3. James Hanna – Oklahoma
  4. Chase Ford – Miami (FL)


I expect to hear all sorts of rumors this week leading up to Thursday about teams pursuing one player or another, but when it’s all said and done nobody truly knows but it’s extremely fun trying to guess.  Houston Texans fans let’s make a fictional toast (with sparkling Welch’s) to a successful 2012 draft class that will set up for future success and Super Bowl titles. Yes, I said titles with and “S!”

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