March 20, 2018

Texans Draft Day Survival Guide


Gary Kubiak at the NFL Combine

With draft day fast approaching State of the Texans is offering up a draft day survival guide heading into the next three days. We will offer some advice to help you get through this upcoming monumental moment of every NFL season, and enjoy this time of year instead of getting ready to throw your beverage of choice at the television.

Trust me there will be a moment in the draft that will leave you wondering who is making the picks, but the Houston Texans have shown the past few seasons that they are slowly becoming respectable on draft day. With that we offer our help to you to get your through Sunday with all of your hair and sanity intact.



1. Stay Cool- No matter what direction the Texans take in Round one through 7, understand there is a plan in place. Keep the “knee-jerk” reactions to a minimum or you won’t make it through the draft with being emotionally involved. Have your favorites you would like the Texans to draft, but don’t lose your cookies if they are not taken.

2. Dont Get Caught Up- DO NOT get caught up in what position SHOULD go in each round. Many Texans fans are calling for Andre Johnson’s replacement to be taken in the first round, but there is a high possibility that a wide receiver will not be taken until day two and three. Also the tight end jokes should stop, because it appears the Texans may be targeting a tight end to pair with Owen Daniels. Wait for the draft to unfold and assess the situation,  then you can see if  the Texans addressed their needs.

3. Stay Hydrated Whatever your drink of choice is drink plenty, hydration is key to these three long day ahead. You never know when you might have to drink in celebration or pour some out in sorrow. Have a stash on hand for emergency purposes, because you never know what might happen on draft day.



Use resources to help get you ready for these three days. You can never be too prepared.


Rick Smith’s Draft Map

Past Picks At 26/58

Sideline Scouting (Over 300 Full Scouting Reports)

Sideline Scouting’s Draft Guide

Live Draft Analysis with Shane Hallam (Starting Thursday)

Hallam’s Value Board

The Sideline View Draft Guide



Stay Connected

If you are on a computer or on twitter you can stay connected to the thoughts of people here at the State of the Texans we love to follow and hear their opinion. Here is our list to plug into during the 2012 NFL draft.


The SOTT Staff

Will be live the whole draft and will answer questions and give opinions when needed. If you just want to talk they are always available too.

P.D. StarrEditor of State of the Texans.

Mike KernsFounder of the Luv Ya Steel Blue Podcast, featured columnist at the site and for The Pigskin Report.

D. RoqueContributor on State of the Texans.

The Claire BearContributor on State of the Texans.

Northside MikeGraphic Designer and the mind behind the SOTT Chop Shop.

Aaron Close- Also know as “Bubbles”. Aaron is the grumpy co host on Luv Ya Steel Blue.


The Texans Twitter Crew

This group is in tune with the Texans and have some good insight on the team. They think logically and are always looking to talk about the team.

Big Ron Texans sports fanatic and knows plenty of draft prospects also.

Alan BurgeBlogs at the Examiner about the Houston Texans, knows his Texans lineage.

Steph StradleyBlogs at the Houston Chronicle, the “Texans Chick” is Houston fandom at it’s best.

Eric KennedyUnder the radar Texans mind, is willing to talk Texans 24/7. Check him out.

Ben LaymanAnother under the radar another in tune fan who understands the Texans with a level head.


Draft Day Humor- Texans Edition

For one reason or another these three are nothing but quality tweets on Twitter. All are knowledgeable in the Texans, but have that rare twist that make you want more.


TX Cleaver- LSU supporter and Texans fan. Will tell you the truth and started some of the greatest Texans hashtags in history. #KubiakBelievesinYou and #OnlyAtBabinsRanch

QTab- A father and Texans fan. Q is another that will get in the trenches and throw humor and Texans love in one tweet.

John Wessling- One of my favorite follows, John is very knowledgable in sports and he loves a good laugh. Ask him about Tijuana Yates.


Football Minds

These guys are very knowledgeable when it comes to the draft and football. What sets them apart is their interaction with the common people.


Lance ZierlienHouston’s very own, is plugged in the draft and thinks with a front office mind.

Shane Hallam We call him the people’s champ, will talk and answer any questions you ask him about any player in the draft.

Jake Langenkamp- A contributor on the Sideline View, He is another good guy who puts logical thinking into the draft.


Most Importantly


Have fun. This is the time of year that the football season takes off and gives new hope to a new season and put the 2012 season into full swing. Embrace the picks that are taken, be opinionated and passionate about the pick. Just realize it will take three years at the least to determine the “true” value of a draft class. Enjoy the next three days, interact with the Texans twitter people we mentioned above and have fun.


Is there any suggestions you have for the three-day draft extravaganza?


One last note this draft……

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