March 18, 2018

In the Blood: An Interview with Desmond Marrow

“I feel great and blessed to have this opportunity to come to Houston and play for the Texans.”


– Desmond Marrow, Houston Texans, Defensive Back, Toledo


When it comes to Desmond Marrow, he has football running through his veins.  It’s in his bloodline. His father Duane played at Wisconsin and his Uncle Vince played tightend and coached at Toledo. A big bodied defensive back, Marrow brings versatility for the Texans with the fact that he can play either cornerback or safety. Marrow comes from Toledo where he spent six seasons there for the Rockets.  His time was extended due to an injury hardship for the 2011 season after missing the 2007 and 2009 seasons with injuries.

Marrow in the Texans Game room

His senior season, Marrow did not disappoint as he led the team in tackles (83) and interceptions (3) and proved to be a leader for the Rocket secondary. He garnered plenty of interest from NFL teams (at least seven) and even visited the Reliant and met with the Texans prior to the draft. After the draft, the Texans came calling and Marrow has already agreed to terms with the Texans for the upcoming 2012 season.

As we talked to Marrow, it is easy to see he is not taking anything for granted and is ready to do what is needed to make his life long dream come true, have a career in the NFL with the Houston Texans.



Tale of the Tape

Height: 6-2 1/4
Weight: 208
Speed: 4.54
Arm: 33 3/4
Hand: 9 1/8
Wingspan: 79 3/8
Birthdate: 12/28/1987
Hometown: Youngstown, OH



First off, welcome to Houston and the Texans.  What are you feeling right now?

I feel great and blessed to have this opportunity to come to Houston and play for the Texans.


What inspires you to earn your spot into the league and onto the Texans squad?

All the things that I have been through in my life inspires me and I just want to inspire little kids from my city (Youngstown, Ohio) and show them that their dreams can come true.


Can you tell us how your injuries at University of Toledo helped shape you into the player you are now?

It keeps me humble and hungry because I know this is all God’s plan. In situations like I went through with my knee, you have to remain humble.

The game of football runs in your blood. Your father played at Wisconsin, and your uncle also played at Toledo and coached there. How have your role models helped in your development?

My Dad (Duane) is amazing.  He kept me away from the streets and raised me well.  My mother is like my best friend.  She is such a beautiful person. It helps having an uncle (Vince) that has already been in the NFL for me to lean on for understanding what I need to do at the next level.


Other than the Texans, which teams showed interest in drafting you or picking you up?

As the process went on, I had interest from the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars.


What was your mindset going into the draft and undrafted free agency?

My mindset is simple, I’m thankful to be here.  It’s a dream come true to be here in Houston and whatever road I had to take to get to this point I was prepared for.  I’m here to work hard and make this team and do my job.


What would it mean to you to make the Texans roster?

It would mean everything. Coming from Youngstown, I feel like I am the face of my city.  I just want to make everyone proud of me and my accomplishments.


Do you feel more comfortable at safety or corner?

Honestly, I feel I can play either but I like corner better.


Have the Texans told you anything regarding the position?

The coaches have said that I will be playing a little of both safety and corner when I get to camp.  I’m really ready for either.


We understand you are working on a sports apparel line “Make Plays or Die.” Can you explain what motivated your interest in the apparel world?

I just want to be as successful as I can in life. I never wanted to limit myself to just being a football player. If it can help other endeavors,  I’m always down for the opportunity to expand my horizons.


Tell us something about yourself that Texans’ fans need to know in order to know the real Desmond Marrow.

I don’t know how to swim! But I’m excited for the season and ready to wear that Texans’ jersey and represent the Great City of Houston!



A special thanks goes out to Desmond for sitting down with us for this interview, you can follow him on Twitter and welcome him to the Texans Family!


You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans and is a draft analyst on Sideline Scouting

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  1. Denise says:

    This guy Desmond is a great kid who works very hard at everything he does… Houston we have a problem… He will be fierce on the field on any chance given!

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