March 21, 2018

Texans Should Inquire about McCoy

The Houston Texans have done a great job the past few seasons of creating depth to a roster compared to previous seasons they have never had. Look no further than the 2011 season where injuries plagued a Texans team, but the “Next Man Up” mantra seemed to show up week after week.  The Texans should not stop looking for depth and start by kicking the tires on Cleveland Browns ex-starting quarterback Colt McCoy, and this has zero to do with him be a University of Texas alumni or anything else related with the state of Texas. This has to do with a football move that the Texans could turn into something down the road.

With only three quarterbacks on the roster in Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates and undrafted rookie Case Keenum, the need for a 4th quarterback should be in the future plans for camp. McCoy was drafted by the Browns in 2010 to be the future of the organization, but that was all changed with one hit from Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. The 3rd rounder from Texas never gained traction as the Browns’ starter, but look no further than the talent that was around him. McCoy had players like Peyton Hillis, Mohamed Massaquoi, Josh Cribbs, Greg Little and others surrounding him in a mediocre offense, plus with the recent rash of injuries that hit their running back depth chart the weapons were just not there. With the Browns drafting Brandon Weeden this is all but the end of the two-year experiment of McCoy running the show for the Browns.

Going into the 3rd year of his deal, McCoy’s rookie contract is a 4-year deal worth up to $5 million dollars with $1.07 million of the deal already guaranteed. His contract is not a killer, and he could be had for a late round draft pick probably in the 5th or 6th round. McCoy does have a skill set that could match what the Texans like to do, throw on the run and control the offense with above average instincts as a quarterback. Despite playing with lack luster weapons in Cleveland, he still completed 58.4% of his passes in two seasons. His rookie season he completed 60.8% of his passes and he took a step back his sophomore season with the lack of the running game being the main culprit. In 21 starts he is 6-15, but to put all of those losses on him can be an unfair gauge on McCoy’s skill set.

He is not one of the tallest quarterbacks in the league at 6’1″, but McCoy has shown he can do it on the NFL level when given the chance. He has been beat up in his time with the Browns, and a change of scenery could be used, and with Head Coach Gary Kubiak having the knack for correcting and turning quarterbacks into better players, McCoy could fit nicely into the 3rd string slot for the Texans. Getting McCoy for a bargain basement pick would be huge, and with the compensatory picks coming in the 2013 NFL draft taking a chance on McCoy could be a low risk high reward scenario for the Texans. Let the financials of the deal get worked out by the salary cap experts, but numbers could be manipulated to fit under the salary cap.

The thought of the Texans running into another rash of injuries like last season could possibly happen, and the Texans are in position to make a move like this with insurance on the depth chart and the future in mind. The Texans could possibly acquire McCoy to have another quarterback with starter experience, and then have the chance to flip him for a draft pick or keep him on the roster as solid reserve quarterback.


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7 Responses to “Texans Should Inquire about McCoy”
  1. La Voz says:

    With Schaub in a contract year, I’d like to see us take a stab at McCoy as well because I also think he’s a good fit for this offensive scheme. If Schaub has problems coming back from injury or sustains another (or isn’t resigned for some currently unfathomable reason), I’d like our QB situation to be deeper than just Yates and Keenum.

    I will say that paying a 5th round pick for McCoy is a bit too high in my opinion. I’d be comfortable with a 6th and I think there’s an outside chance he could even be had for a 7th (Asante Samuel was had for a 7th rounder [though he had a big contract], and Aaron Curry was had for a 7th rounder [and a conditional 5th]).

    • Patrick D. Starr says:

      Think McCoy would take at least a 5th. With his low contract and starter experience would be hat seeing the Browns give him up for less than that maybe a 6th.

  2. It will be interesting to see if the Cleveland Browns are really willing to let go of Colt McCoy. I think it may have been a smoke screen during the draft. Holmgren like the kid and he has a lot of heart. I do know there is no way Cleveland will carry four Q.B.’s someone is going to have to go. Not sure it will be Colt McCoy though…

  3. TacoJoe says:

    I am actually liking this.. I wouldn’t mind seeing colt in steel blue, the guy is all around nice and a decent qb. I think Clevelands lack of anything has hurt him most. plus his mom and lady friend in Houston added bonus

  4. dbaker says:

    No!!!!! the Texans do not need him. There are to many other QB’s that will stay in the game. I do not have any interest of seeing Colt on the Texans roster.

  5. tom says:

    I actually disagree. While he does have starter experience I think we would benefit more by bringing in an older, more mature player to help guide our youth alongside Schaub. I dont think Colt would be able to provide that guidance based on two rough years as the Browns’ leader.

  6. John C says:

    That would be a GREAT move, GO TEXANS!!!

    Want to see the Texans win a Super Bowl not the Cowboys under Garrett direction!!!!

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