March 22, 2018

Writing on the Wall?- OTAs

With OTAs first and second days complete the Texans have some news brewing at Reliant.


– According to Austin American Statesman sports columnist, Kirk Bohls, University of Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is scheduled to meet with the Texans this week. The reason for the visit is still unknown, but one would think there has to be an opportunity for Diaz to come talk with the team. Another possibility is for Diaz to come a pick the brain of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips on the Texans defensive scheme.

– Nick Scurfield of the Houston Texans released some of the notable undrafted rookie numbers for the upcoming season.

Case Keenum #7

Dwight Jones #87

Hebron Fangupo #73

Eddie Pleasant #35

Shawn Loiseau #90

Davin Megget #30

Jerrell Jackson #89

Desmond Marrow #34


– Texans’ Special Teams coordinator, Joe Marciano, talked special teams today and confirmed the “best man” will win in the kicking competition between Randy Bullock and Shayne Graham. Marciano expects the kickers to log around 150 kicks during camp time and will chart every single kick of both kickers. The competition seems to be Bullocks to lose and using a draft pick on him will give him the head start in the kicking competition.

– Marciano also talked about the return game for the Texans and mention of Davin Meggett’s name as a player to watch as a sleeper kick off returner for the Texans. Meggett could also provide depth on special teams and as the third string running back which is currently open after the Texans not opting to bring back Derrick Ward. Meggett has a one cut running style that gets him north and south in a hurry, and could be used in the Texans zone running scheme.

– The writing may be on the wall for Texans third year player Trindon Holliday. One of the fastest players in the NFL, Holliday has done little to this point for the Texans. Marciano has said that being “just a returner” is not going to cut it because the Texans roster does not have that luxury. Expect a tough time for Holliday to make the Texans coming out of camp, unless he can prove his worth as a wide receiver.


You can see Marciano full interview here. 


You know any other undrafted rookie numbers we have missed? Put them in the comment section below. 


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  1. David Walthall says:

    Manny’s just pickin’ Wade’s brain … that’s what good coaches do.

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