March 22, 2018

Watt going Predator?

On Thursday, J.J. Watt posted a photo via his twitter asking his followers if they like his “possible” new look for the 2012 season.  Honestly Watt looks like he belongs in a Sci-Fi movie, but as long as he makes it happen like he did in his rookie season in 2011 what does it matter? Either way what do you think of the new look?


Which look do we like better?

Let J.J. Watt know via Twitter or in our comment section below. 



Watt's 2011 Look

Watt with his new look













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5 Responses to “Watt going Predator?”
  1. DAVE W says:

    JJ I dont care what you look like as long as you’re in a Houston Texans uniform and playing for this great city.
    I hope you will stay here for a long time and not beocme a money hungry player like the ones we lost this season. I think the new look is great and I am sure you will put fear in those QB”s eyes.. I never missed a game via tv. I am a fan of the Defence.. Go get-em JJ. Your biggest fan Dave
    ps. 99 and 56 are my 2 favorite players. Some day when I can afford it I will get your jersey and Brian’s

  2. Buddhaelt says:

    What! Hide that face? Man, I thought you were trying out for The Munster’s with that look. Nah, just poking at you JJ, Dude, you can look however you want. The new look would be cool, they”ll still know who’s under that #99 jersey.. Just knowing the Texans will be next opponent will make them dream the night before were your gonna be at on the field.

  3. jodatexanfan says:

    Menacing. Awesome.

  4. Aaron aka Bubbles says:

    I think its a great look..

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