March 22, 2018

Conspiracy Theory: The Quarterbacks

Is there something the Houston Texans front office and coaching staff isn’t telling us? I am of the belief that something is being covered up by the Texans in regards to the Quarterback position. We have seen the Texans bring in plenty of backup Quarterbacks in recent years and have them compete for a spot on the team, but we can’t recall the Texans bringing in a legitimate player to challenge Schaub. The Texans had Sage Rosenfels which was the last legit backup, then there was Matt Leinart, and now John Beck? What is really going on in the Texans camp?

Here is the way I see it.  The Texans have a quarterback who could potentially not be resigned beyond next year due to injuries. Matt Schaub has been hampered by injuries 3 out of the 5 seasons he’s been here.

At first, I used to think that the first year he had injuries in 2007 was a culture shock of being the true starter of a team and he wasn’t acclimated to being hit. Then when he got injured in 2008, his second season, I thought it was just dumb luck. When 2009 rolled around his third year and he had a dislocated shoulder on what didn’t look like that big of a hit, my thought was to break out the “fragile” tape. Schaub didn’t miss any games in 2009 which turned out to be a winning season. Schaub made it through the 2010 season and we as Texans fans had believed that either he would get hurt again or get past that rash of injuries. Then the 2011 season came and all signs pointed up for Schaub even though he took a pounding at times from defenses. Schaub showed resilience and made it through the more difficult part of the schedule. Unfortunately, Schaub went into Tampa Bay, which wasn’t a team that was a threat at all, and the Texans looked to wipe the floor with Tampa when “he” happened. By “he” I mean Albert Haynesworth.  He squeezed through the line and flopped on Schaub’s foot and by games end Schaub was done.

Moving forward to the 2012 season and now the Texans have a new Quarterback group at Reliant.  We wonder if any of them have the potential to take over if and when Schaub is no longer our starting Quarterback. Why have the Texans waited so long to draft a successor for Schaub especially when he’s been prone to injury? Part of me believes that they haven’t addressed it because they had so many other needs until this point. I also believe that the Texans have been extending the leash on Schaub long enough to get lucky with some UDFA Quarterback that they sign on waivers or after the draft. I say leash because the Texans have been known to cut ties with players who are injury prone.

I believe the Texans are doing a process of Quarterback by numbers. They are bringing as many backup and developmental Quarterbacks as they can in hopes that they will find a diamond in the rough. TJ Yates is a great find and I believe he is the future of our franchise. My question is why Keenum and definitely why Beck? The Texans say they want competition but how is it competition when its clear that they are developing Keenum to be a backup and Beck seems to be a camp body or a fail-safe in the event Yates regresses instead of progresses?

John Beck has had little to no success in all the places he has been. Beck hasn’t done anything to prove he will be better than Yates or Keenum, and if Keenum doesn’t beat Beck out he may not even make the practice squad. This process by which the Texans are using is highly questionable. Why would you bring in Quarterbacks that aren’t much more than camp bodies? If the Texans truly want to show that they are preparing for life after Schaub then they need to get rid of the dead weight.  Their focus should be on Yates if he is our future.  If not, then draft another Quarterback in the early rounds next year to develop for Schaub’s departure. The sooner you get your Quarterback of the future here the faster you can focus on life after Schaub.

What are your thoughts on this topic? I would like to know do you believe the Texans know how to develop young QBs? Or do you believe they are just doing a numbers game?




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14 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory: The Quarterbacks”
  1. charlene green says:

    I believe Kubiak knows what he’s doing — he is great at finding and developing QBs, and I am definitely glad the Texans are taking a chance on Keenum. I think he could be the next Drew Brees.

  2. Steve Halvorson says:

    I may be wrong, but my opinion is that the Texans made a mistake when they let Mat Lienert go. Yates, nor any of the extra’s thay have now, have the potential he had. Too bad his collarbone got broke because we all would probably be looking forward a Lienert-led 2012.

    • D. Roque says:

      I believe one of the reasons they let Matt go is because of his injuries. The shoulder he injured is the same one he injured in Arizona. Another reason is that he has a larger cap figure than Yates not to mention that we don’t see them in practice, and its a good chance that Yates showed more potential there than Leinart.

  3. callaway says:

    without matt ,we dont have a chance in the post season. so why not sign other qb’s to play in meaningless games at the end of season, and keep shaub healthy. also, whats wrong with Case, hes going to be a hell of a lot better than teeeeboowww.

  4. Cj Scuba says:

    I don’t see the big deal….. Kubiak has always had at least 3 qbs in camp. Holding Schaub out is a wise move and once you remove him from the equation you’re left with 3 able bodies. Seems like they started last year with 4 on the roster: Schaub, Orlosky, Leinart and Yates. Again, I don’t see the big deal or anything out of the ordinary to suggest Schaub is in endanger of losing the starting gig.

    • D. Roque says:

      For me its not so much about the number of QBs as it is the quality of QB. Why not go after a higher graded QB in the draft to push not only Yates but Schaub. We have to start looking towards the future of this franchise, because if we don’t we’ll be in a situation like with Andre. We waited far to long to get another legitimate WR in here to help Dre now he’s been nicked up a lot. Its just smart to look ahead rather than just stay afloat in my opinion.

  5. Don Ellis says:

    I think the big deal is the sports writers they hire.

  6. Doug Mission Bend says:

    Why does everyone discount T.J. Yates’ as a bona fide NFL QB? If you carried his stats out for the whole season (including his forgettable game vs Ravens), His QB rating would place him at #19, between Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco, ahead of Dalton, Fitzpatrick,Sanchez,Cassel and T-Bow! He showed poise uncharacteristic of a man with so little experience and displayed the ability to use his feet when necessary to get out of trouble. Check out some of the “elite” QB’s of the past and see how their stats were as rookies..T.J.’s only going to get better and Kubiak is very good with QB’s. He’s 6’4″ and 220, pretty much prototypical for an NFL QB, with wheels!
    All you VY fans should note his rating is 74.4 with 5 more INT’s than TD’s. So who on God’s green earth is out there that is better?… Hoyer? ,Carr?, Harrell? ,JoshJohnson?, Painter?, Orton?, Canfield?, Batch?, Bradkowski?, Whitehurst?, Derek Anderson?, Redman?…. Those are the backups for most of the higher power ranked teams, all who have poorer stats than TJ. Yates…Not exactly household names…
    J. Campbell(Bears), Shaun Hill (Lions), Locker (Titans) would be nice to have in camp, but they have jobs.
    I think the Texans are in good hands as is…

  7. TexanDukie says:

    Interesting storyline, but agree with most commenters. Kubiak did a great coaching job last year even if Wade Phillips was so superb. He kept team together and orchestrated the “next man up” tactic nicely week after week, surely aided and abetted by all the coaches. There’s no one who can legitimately question Kubiak on his QB decision-making except with some Monday-morning quarterbacking after something goes wrong and backup plans don’t work.

    Another guess is that after this season’s salary cap debacle, it looks like they’re having to economize nearly everywhere they don’t have a committed big investment in place. We’re glimpsing some sense now in some initially shocking moves with key players that are gone now in light of cap limits. The team/Kubiak seem to have to be keenly clever in getting above average value from suspect sources by taking some risks. There’s been risk attributed to Mercilus, to Crick, to Posey, etc, etc. It seems most fans and even media dudes are really intrigued by the moves they’re seeing, perhaps witnessing a great master at work. Hope so!

  8. D says:

    I believe with the salary cap issues we will run into next season. We are making plans for life without Schaub. I believe next off season we will only have enough money to afford Connor Barwin or Matt Schaub. They both are looking for big pay days. With the loss of Mario Williams and the need to keep our defense at the top of the league the Texans will choose Barwin over the injury prone Schaub. If we have seen anything from Texans history our roster selections are based on longevity and in simple terms getting the best bang for your buck. Barwin price to resign will definitely be more reasonable than signing Schaub. So the Texans will save money and let Schaub go and prepare for the new act in town T.J. Yates along with the Texans hope his future back up Case. I believe this is the blue print for the Texans franchise going forward.

  9. Reeves says:

    I think that Beck is more than capable back up and if he ever got a chance he could show that he is a legit starting QB in the NFL. I know he is better than Keenum and he will help Yates and Shaub with his work ethic. He will be a really good pickup for the Texans I think.

  10. Steve says:

    Jeff Beck who, did what compared to what Keenum has done for the last 3 seasons. Wikipedia Keenum his records are the one to break next for the NCAA all-time leader in total passing yards, touchdowns, and completions. 3yrs passing 5000 yards in a row. Same height as Dree Bree’s too.

    • Patrick D. Starr says:

      Think fans need to temper expectations a little on Keenum. Has to prove that he is NOT a system quarterback. College stats mean zero in the NFL.

  11. qtab says:

    I think they’ll reach an extension with Schaub during the season if he’s healthy. I also think they’re now comfortable with Yates going into next year if Schaub doesn’t stay healthy this season. Yes, Yates certainly looked raw as a rookie last season…that’s to be expected, as he wasn’t even working with the second team most of the season. Another year of practice in the system, and potentially more gametime experience this season and I think the team will be OK with Yates…though at that point I would expect a top half of the draft QB to challenge Yates.

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