March 20, 2018

Texans Top 5 Rivals

Thinking about the upcoming Houston Texans season made me think of the teams that seem to bring the best out of the Texans. The list has the names we all expect to see but the order might be up for debate. Entering the 10th full season of play, the rivalry between the Texans and their opponents are still putting chapters to their histories. The list will evolve in the coming seasons, but as of today this is how I see it when it comes to the Texans current rivals.



5. Dallas Cowboys

(All Time Record: 1-2, Points 38-71)

This has to be the default rival because of the instate proximity, and with “America’s Team” having a strangle hold of the football landscape in the State, the Texans are slowly cutting into the fan base. Despite having only one win against the Cowboys, that ONE win set the Texans franchise in motion. As for this list, it ranks #5 but as time goes on expect this rivalry to grow in the coming years. Here is the opening video board in that 19-10 win over the Cowboys. 


4. Jacksonville Jaguars

(All Time Record: 11-9, Points- 441-413)

The only team in their division that the Texans hold a winning record and have won the last three contests with is the Jags. It seems like this was the only team within the division the Texans could actually compete with but the likes of David Garrard, Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Byron Leftwich, Jimmy Smith and  Rashean Mathis always seem to give the Texans more than they could handle. With a different cast now in Jacksonville, they are a few offensive weapons away from getting back on track. 


3. Tennessee Titans

(All Time Record: 6-14, Points- 398-567)

The Bud Adams run communist party, the Titans, seem to be the bain of the city of Houston’s existence. Throw in the home-grown Houston quarterback that only wins and ex-Titan Cortland Innegan (sans F), there have been some quality contests between these two since 2002. The Texans have won four of the last seven against the Titans but haven’t fared too well in the overall match-up. The real unfortunate part is seeing players that were drafted by the Houston Oilers, like Steve McNair and Eddie George, have made their careers with the division rival. Just in case you forgot.


2. Indianapolis Colts

(All Time Record: 3-17, Points: 409-448)

Without Peyton Manning in the Colt blue, it will be interesting to see if this rivalry will hold it’s luster. The class of the AFC South since 2002, the Colts have dominated the Texans but have split the last four games since 2010. Before that, the Colts were 15-1 against the Texans and made the Texans’ defense Manning’s personal playground, where he was 16-2 as a starter throwing for 5,122 yards for 42 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. Also, he completed 70.4% of his passes and had a 110.6 quarterback rating – unreal.  Now with Andrew Luck in the fold, it will be interesting to see where this rivalry will head in the coming seasons. 


1. Baltimore Ravens

(All Time Record: 0-5, Points: 89-143)

We put this at the top of our list for a simple reason, that is they seem to be the only team that seems immortal against the Texans. With crushing losses to the Ravens the past two seasons, the Texans have been flirting with being the cream of the crop of the AFC, but the Ravens are standing in the way. The Monday night loss in 2010, and losing very winnable regular season games in 2011 and 2012, the Texans have been one or two plays from winning against the Ravens. Now throw in a fresh loss to the Ravens in the 2011 AFC divisional playoff, the Ravens have been the current thorn in the Texans’ side. With players like Vonta Leach, Bernard Pollard and Jacoby Jones, the former Texans are all making Baltimore a destination for cast-offs from Houston. This will be the team that the Texans must beat to get over that AFC hump, and it is their current NFL demon. 


What is your list?

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6 Responses to “Texans Top 5 Rivals”
  1. TXCleaver says:

    1*. Tennessee
    2. Jacksonville
    3. Indianapolis
    4. Baltimore
    5. Cincinnati (projected)

    * Frank Bush

  2. qtab says:

    1. Tennessee
    2. Indianapolis
    3. Jacksonville
    4. Baltimore
    5. n/a.

    5 seems to bounce around — Denver with the connections, Oakland since we play them every year, Toronto now with the foolishness Mario is spouting (also, Vince).

  3. The Gardener says:

    I just hate the Tennessee Titans. Who’s with me?

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