March 21, 2018

SOTT Fan Favorite: Steel Blue Division

This is a winner take all competition between former NFL Players who used to suit up for the Houston Texans. Players currently on the roster are not eligible for the competition.  We have tried to cut down the list of the most popular players with the fans. 


Round 1

Eric Winston vs. Marcus Coleman


Eric Winston (2006-2011)

Started 87 straight games for the Texans, including the playoffs.  Winston has been a staple of the offensive line. The right tackle was an anchor on the right side of one of the best offensive lines the past two seasons.




Marcus Coleman (2002-2005)

An original of the Texans, Coleman was taken in the expansion draft from the New York Jets. The Texas native returned to his home state and was a ball hawk for the secondary. Coleman owns the season record for interceptions with 7 and is second all time with 11 career interceptions with the Texans.





Charles Spencer vs. Dunta Robinson


Charles Spencer (2006)

Our favorite and good friend, Spencer was a budding star for the Texans. After an injury in his second game of his career, he was sidelined for the season. Listen to his fellow Texans talk about him and that speaks volumes of who Spencer is as a player.




Dunta Robinson (2004-2009)

Was Houston’s first real corner back until a knee injury took the player that had a stellar rookie season. Robinson is the Texans all-time leader in interceptions with 13 and was one of the league’s best between 2004-2006 where he accounted for 9 of those interceptions.






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  1. Aaron aka Bubbles says:

    lets see the piece of crap that is Dunta or the great guy Chuck… let me think for like a millisecond

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