March 21, 2018

SOTT Fan Favorite: Toro Division

This is a winner take all competition between former NFL Players who used to suit up for the Houston Texans. Players currently on the roster are not eligible for the competition.  We have tried to cut down the list of the most popular players with the fans. 



Round 1

Mario Williams vs. David Anderson

Mario Williams (2006-2011)

The Texans got it right in the draft with the #1 overall selection of Williams. He leads the franchise in career sacks (53) and forced fumbles (11).  He was also named to two Pro Bowls with the Texans (2008,2009). The only real force the Texans had on defense in the lean years.




David Anderson (2006-2011)

One of the fan favorites, Anderson appeared in 63 games for the Texans. He has 82 career receptions (12th all time) for 895 yards (11th all time) but Anderson was looked at as one of underdogs that suited up for the Texans.






Chester Pitts vs. Jaime Sharper

Chester Pitts (2002-2009)

Mr. Texan started 114 straight games for the Texans since their inaugural season. A knee injury in the 2009 season ended his career as a Texan, but his overall contribution as a player since day one is something that will not be forgotten.




Jaime Sharper (2002-2004)

Another of the original Texans taken during the expansion draft, Sharper did not disappoint at the end of his career. Sharper averaged 100 tackles in his three seasons with the Texans and gave the team some early veteran leadership.




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