March 20, 2018

Space City Football | By the Fans, For the Fans

Texans Fam Playing Ball




If you’re a part of #TexansFam on Twitter, you know we’re a tight unbreakable bunch of hard-core, Steel Blue bleeding, Texans-loving fools who opine about our love for the team year round and are currently pining for anything Texans related.  Instead of sitting around moping, State of the Texans buddy @CrazyTex00 (aka, Mark) employed the help of @NandoAccordion (Fernando) and set up the Texans Nation First Annual Football Game and Party, which became #SpaceCityFootball.

The game was hosted this past Sunday at Hermann Park and not only the Twitter #TexansFam show, so did a few of the newest Texans, Shawn Louiseau (ILB), Nate Menkin (T) along with Javarris Williams (RB), whom, as we reported yesterday, was just released from the Texans but will be missed heavily among the fan base.

Clarisa, @AmandaLynette, @JavarrisWill40

@JavarrisWill40, @BiggestTexanFan, his daughters, @ShawnLouiseau, @BigMenk65


@ShawnLouiseau, @JorgeAlberto713, @BigMenk65

In an afternoon filled with flag football, hot dogs and the sound of laughter in the blazing Houston heat, everyday Texans fans became friends with players and some new and a now former player found out how truly gung-ho Houstonians are for their Texans and the game of football itself.
 @CrazyTex00 plans on doing this again next year, if not sooner and several players have expressed disappointment that they missed the event, promising to attend next time. Membership into the #TexansFam on Twitter is quite simple. If you’re here on the State of the Texans site, get yourself a Twitter account and join us.  Most importantly, interact!  Hashtag (#TexansFam) and follow our family mentioned here to ensure you always know what the we have in store.

Hermann Park Pool

#TexansFam playing hard


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  1. bulltexan says:

    We had a great time and for those that missed out,OH WELL.

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