March 22, 2018

What Houston Texans Fans Won’t Admit: The Rebuttal

Today was going to be a day where I was going to sit back and relax but something was released today that called me to the computer. I try to be welcoming of all the bloggers out there that cover the Houston Texans but once again the AFC South blogger for Bleacher Report  put out quality material pertaining to the Texans and even choice words for the fan base. The longtime Indianapolis Colts fan and blogger is now covering the Texans and has some choice ideas for the Texans fan base and vision of their team.

I don’t doubt that the blogger said above is a great guy and I could easily drink a beer with him and talk football, but the blog posted on B/R is nothing more that getting reads and the Texans fan base fired up. Lets take a look at some of the choice comments from the article.


I feel for Texans fans, because while they are blessed with a few good writers, in all, coverage of the Texans is woeful. It is harder to find good Texans coverage than any of the other teams in the division.


Texans coverage is NOT up to par for who? If you don’t know, there are plenty of Texans minds out there that “DO” provide quality posts about the Texans. Don’t believe me?

Battle Red Blog

Alan Burge, Examiner

Steph Stradley

Houston Diehards

There are plenty of resources Texans fans can go to find their news or just read blogs by Big Ron, Mike Kerns, Lance Zeirlein or just go to Houston Texans homepage, it is all there. Heck, go look on Twitter.  It is like a running blog of ideas on the Texans which can be just as good or even better than actually blogging sites. There are plenty of great minds and realistic thoughts on the team.  I may have missed some but there are some informative bloggers and sites who do cover the Texans (list below if I have missed anyone).


Still, in my dealings with Texans fans, I’ve found them to be oversensitive to any criticism of the team. Fans always bristle when a writer questions some aspect of their club but the Texans fans, in particular, find slights where none are intended.



Which NFL fan base is not sensitive? The Texans fan base, who is passionate and really can get crazed over their team at times, can feel slighted by bloggers, especially when you misspell Texans’ players names and write blogs with little validity when covering the Texans. As Texans fans, we can take criticism but to base that “ALL” Texans fans are the same because of a few comments from people who may or may not be Texans fans is shortsighted.

As Texans fans, we want blogs with substance and information that will make us come back for more. Substance, validity and knowledge of the team is all we ask for.


The Houston Texans are a good team in a very weak conference. That makes them instant Super Bowl contenders, a point I’ve made many times. They are not a juggernaut, however.

A weak conference? On paper the Texans look good, but with the normal conference powers of the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, the Texans still have a long way to go.  They still have to play the game. Juggernaut? We have had a winning record twice out of 10 seasons, we are realistic.



They have a glaring weakness at wideout.

Any fan in the Texans fan base can tell you that, next.


I’m not crazy about Gary Kubiak, whose resume is mediocre at best.

I have no issue with Kubiak, his resume is mediocre? Despite scrapping the roster he received when he came to Houston in 2006, he has slowly put together a solid NFL roster. His career record is 47-49 in his 6 seasons for the Texans and it should be over .500 by next season end, if all goes right. Some people might not like what Kubiak has done but he has made the Texans into a potential winner. Kubiak has learned from past mistakes.  Don’t believe us? He only surrounded himself with one of the best defensive minds in the NFL in Wade Phillips and he was a part of 3 Super Bowl winning teams as an assistant coach. Not a great resume, but he is building it as we speak.


While I agree with the moves they made this offseason, the team is not quite as good as it was last year.

Wait, games have been played already? We have gone over this before – Mario Williams missed the majority of the season, DeMeco Ryans played under 55% of the defensive snaps, Jason Allen despite interceptions got beat just as much, Mike Brisiel the tough starting right guard played sparingly in the divisional playoff game against the Ravens, Eric Winston was a step slower and gave up the most sacks and had the most penalties of any Texans lineman, and Neil Rackers had serious issues kicking the football in the 40-49 yard range. Despite losing all of these players, the Texans still won the division and won their first playoff game.

You cannot replace leadership and what they all brought to the locker room but this is the NFL.  Let the season play out. The Texans, in our mind, has replaced each of the positions above the best they could do and the core players are still in place for the team heading into 2012.


Many Houston fans will have none of it, however, perceiving any mention of the weaknesses of the Texans as a personal slight.

Read our site.  We talk about the team’s weaknesses all the time.  We praise when we need to and criticize too.


These fans see the Texans as the rightful defending Super Bowl champs.

As fans, we do see the Texans had a legitimate chance to win the “big one” if the injuries wouldn’t have derailed the team. We don’t defend them as the Super Bowl champs, we defend them because they are “OUR TEAM”. I wouldn’t be surprised if any team defended their team just as hard as Texans fans do.  That is what fans are supposed to do.


Just try to open your eyes a little and admit they aren’t perfect.


We know they are not perfect and no one said they were. Go read all of the Texans blogs, read twitter with the #Texans hash tag and you will see that for yourself.




You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans and is a draft analyst on Sideline Scouting.



27 Responses to “What Houston Texans Fans Won’t Admit: The Rebuttal”
  1. Lydia says:

    I wonder why the “weak division” argument wasn’t used when Peyton Manning was winning division titles consistently for Indy. I deal with a lot of AFC South fans in a Facebook group I belong to. Jag fans think they’re winning the division. Colts fans are mostly made up of Peyton Manning worshippers who have now lost their God, thus, their love for the team, and Titan fans are just indescribable. Calling a fanbase delusional is just trying to provoke a reaction. I wonder what he intended to gain from his article.

    • Patrick D. Starr says:

      Exactly what he just got, reads and reaction.

      • john says:

        You’re exactly right about everything. Any writer who criticizes Kubiak is banned from all contact with the team and organization. Players will not be allowed to play if they violate Kubiak black out policy. Kubiak wants to be the sole voice of the Texans, in case someone needs to be thrown under the bus.

        Kubiak’s 1 wide receiver offense has been anemic since he got here. The writers blame Carr, Schaub – whoever Kubiak says. Kubiak knows nothing about defense..

    • prcorrker says:

      Thank God we play in a week conference! Beating the New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens , New England Patriots then competing for a playoff spot with the rest of the conference ( Pittsburg , Cincinnati , Denver, San Diego, Tennessee ) should be fairly easy ….Get real..Week conference? Texans are going to roll this year and that’s it….

    • Rick says:

      He lost all credibility as a professional blogger when he wrote: “The Houston Texans are a good team in a very weak conference.” This implies that the entire AFC (American Football CONFERENCE) is “very weak”, which is just ridiculous. We can only presume he meant to type “division” but as a reader, I can only read what he typed and assume conference is what he meant….so after that ignorant comment I stopped reading.

      And, at least as a “fan” I know the difference between the conference and division….

  2. Matthew says:

    My guess is that his goal was to piss people off enough to keep them clicking through those ridiculous slide shows.

  3. Jay Dale says:

    I have been hearing this from all the AFCS fans (and a few other team’s fans as well) and I will tell you exactly what it is – pure jealousy.

    Fans of other teams have viewed the Texans with little to no respect for the past decade, and rightly so. They’ve been bad to mediocre all that time. But now they have a team that’s projected to be a contender and, quite frankly, better than their teams, and they don’t like that feeling. So they tell Texans fans to “calm down” and “not get so excited” and “be realistic”. Why? Because they know that the Texans are going to be better, and anything that can validate their team’s chances just a bit more helps them. It’s the same reason that Cowboy fans and Patriot fans are looked upon with such anger – it’s just plain jealousy.

    This article is no different. So the team has an opportunity to be really good and a contender, and we as a fan base have to temper our excitement? Not one fan has stated they’re going 16-0, not one fan has stated their team is “perfect”. Again, any fan of another team telling us to not be so excited is simply jealous due to “little brother” finally being big enough to push big brother around.

  4. qtab says:

    Strawman arguments are really the easiest articles to write. Congrats, Nate — Good job, good effort.

  5. Todd says:

    YOU TELL ‘EM! Someone should write one of those about the Colts or something, really nail their fans!

    Oh wait, he did already. This must be a series or something:

    • Patrick D. Starr says:

      I could care less what he says about the Colts, I don’t follow them. I see what he said about the Texans and it was off base. That is all this is about. I do know it is a series BTW, thanks

      • Todd says:

        Was more referring to other commenters I’ve seen on the subject 🙂

        It’s like playing devil’s advocate or something, doesn’t make him biased, just makes him skewer all teams equally. If you want to dissect the criticisms, you’re more than entitled and did a good job of it from what I can tell (being a fan of neither the Texans or Colts). But people saying that this is Colts homerism don’t have the full context here, or otherwise aren’t looking for it.

  6. TXCleaver says:

    It’s Bleacher Report…I can’t even feign interest or indignation. And this guy may have been talking about the Texans’ beat writer(s), in which case, he’d be exactly right.

  7. Deborah says:

    Haha nicely done Patrick. BR sucks my balls.

  8. Chaz0717 says:

    Trolled Pat. You, me, and every person that responded. Clearly Captain Coltsfan hasn’t been paying enough attention to goings on with the Texans to put any insite together. This was click bait by a lazy quasi journalist who took the easy way out in order to satisfy a word count quota.

  9. Nate Dunlevy says:

    Let me illuminate a few points:

    1. Coverage of the Texans is terrible. You list a couple of writers, and we can dispute their quality, but it’s still far, far below what other teams in the division have going for them.

    This is not a complaint about Texans fans. It is a complaint FOR Texans fans. You deserve more than your local media sources are giving you. Spend time reading the excellent coverage the Jags get, for instance, and you’ll see what I mean.

    2. If the complaints I list don’t apply to you, then why be offended by them? Go read my piece on the wideouts. You’ll see that it caused a lot of ruffled feathers.

    Perhaps I’ve been meeting the wrong kind of Texans fans, but judging by the reactions to my piece today, I stand by my complaint about them being-oversensitive.

    I found your points to be perfectly reasonable. If I thought your brethren largely agreed with you, I wouldn’t have had to write my piece.

    I stand by every word.

    • Joe says:

      Psst. whoever you are. Get over yourself.

    • Lydia says:

      Nate, you get less than 10 comments per article, on average, that you write about the Texans and not all of them are disagreeing with you. How can you reasonably judge a whole fanbase or “brethren” by the idiots who haven’t figured out BR is a source for unsophisticated sports fans? You run across the low of the low as far as Texan knowledge. And that’s Real Talk. We know we have issues on WR. I believe this very site has written about it. We know about the right side of the O-line and are interested to see how that will pan out. But we also know about our strengths in our LB corps, RB group, D-line, and QB position. You can’t judge this team fully until the season starts, and you jump the gun a bit.

      • Nate Dunlevy says:

        I’m not sure you have a point in that rant.

        I spent a lot of time researching and asking around for the most respected Texans sites. No one mentioned this one.

        I don’t mean that as a slam, but if there is good work here, I was previously unaware of it. I’ll be sure to monitor it from now on.

        My opinion about Texans fans runs far past the comments on my site. It’s a general observation from interactions in a wide variety of places.

        I frankly don’t understand the outrage at all. It sounds to me as if we agree completely about the state and quality of the Texans. If so, then the only complaint can be that I said the fanbase was ‘oversensitive’. This is much, much nicer than what I called the Colts fanbase (delusional).

        I don’t really see why a relatively minor criticism should stir up so much anger.

        Again, I’m sorry I haven’t frequented this site more. I’ll be sure to keep my eye on it from now on.

        • Jay says:

          I love how you come on here now and try to make yourself sound so innocent “I’m really on your side, HONEST!” with all of the crap you write over and over again.

          You clearly stated in your article that not only is the fanbase “oversensitive” (and why not with writers like yourself constantly misjudging a team and it’s fans) but also state that they see the Texans as the “rightful Super Bowl champs” which is bogus, you state that Texans fans think the team is “perfect” which is bogus, and you state that the team is “not quite as good as last year” despite the fact that not a single game has been played. Add these crap comments to your other articles saying things about the defense “collapsing” in year 2 of Wade’s system, and it’s not surprising you get “oversensitivity”. And yet as a Colts fan as you state you are, you’re amazed at the “oversensitivity” of the other Colts fans who also think you’re a crappy writer with your comments about them.

          Face it – you love every bit of this exposure and flak, it’s getting your name out there and this is exactly what you wanted to happen. If you truly wrote this article thinking otherwise, you’re not a very smart person at all.

    • Born says:

      Go back to covering the Colts. You’re not a true Texans fan anyways.

  10. Cygnus says:

    John McLain of the Houston Chronicle is one of the best in the business of football reporting, and does award worthy reporting and analysis of the Texans. Living in Houston, I get the opportunity to hear him a lot on sports-talk radio as well, which is awesome, because he has a real raspy voice that sounds like he’s having a heart-attack all the time, but his words are gems. Check out his stuff on as the Texans lead reporter.

    • Nate Dunlevy says:

      McClain is spectacular. He also doesn’t write nearly as much as good writers in other cities.

      I never said there are no good writers in Houston. In fact, I said there WERE good writers. There are not nearly as many of them for the Texans as there are for other teams. The Chronicle does a terrible job covering the team.

      That’s not an insult to Houston. It’s just that compared with the media coverage in Indy, Jax, and Nashville, the Texans get less attention, and fewer quality blogs and writers cover them.

      Look around just the AFC South, and you’ll see what I mean.

      Again, this isn’t meant to be an insult. Fans should be demanding much much more from the Chronicle than they get.

      • Patrick D. Starr says:

        Nate appreciate you coming to the site and standing up for your work. I do agree with you with the lack of production from John McClain.

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