March 24, 2018

Name That Texans’ Player: Volume 2

After much success we bring back, Name that Texan! We bring back 7 Texans players from the vault to see if you know who your past Texans were. Trust me, if you can recognize the past players we are fully impressed.

The answers are at the bottom of the post. Let us know how you do! Good Luck.


The Photo Lineup


 2oo2 Team

In his rookie season with the Texans in 2002, he started 11 games at running-back. With three rushing touchdowns in 2002 he also had 529 rushing yards too. Unfortunately, he averaged on 2.7 yards a carry in his first full season as a professional.


Who is he?




2oo3 Team

His second full season with the Texans, he started 16 games and had 43 total tackles and 5.5 sacks from the linebacker position. After spending 4 seasons in Minnesota, he spent 5 seasons with the Texans.


Who is he?





2oo4 Team

This 14 year veteran tight end finished his career with the Texans, and proved to be the definition of a blocking tight end. Only catching 4 passes in 2004 he was not a true pass catching threat.


Who is he?





2oo5 Team

This former Cincinnati Bearcat was entering his 3rd season with the Texans, and his first full season as a starter. The linebacker did total 6 sacks in 16 games and forced 2 fumbles.


Who is he?

2oo6 Team

Drafted out of the University of Virginia, he only spent on season in the NFL and with the Texans in 2006. This running back started 8 games for the Texans in 2006 and rushed for 476 yards and had 4 touchdowns.

Who is he?

2oo7 Team

Only appearing in 3 games for the Texans in 2006, he was brought in from the Indianapolis Colts. The safety’s best season was in 2007, which proved to be his last season in the NFL.

Who is he?



2oo8 Team

 Considered a big free agent signing, the former Dallas Cowboys corner back came to Houston and started 16 games for the Texans. He had 4 interceptions with one of those being returned for a touchdown.

Who is he?

If you missed Volume One, you can see it here. 




2002- Johnathan Wells (Running back, 2002-2005)

2003- Kailee Wong (Linebacker, 2002-2006)

2004- Mark Bruener (Tight End, 2004-2008)

2005- Antwan Peek (Linebacker, 2003-2006)

2006- Wali Lundy (Running back, 2006)

2007- Von Hutchins (Safety, 2006-2007)

2008- Jacques Reeves (Cornerback, 2008-2009)


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