March 22, 2018

Texans vs. Saints: Week 3 Snap Counts

Here on the State of the Texans we are going to release the snaps counts of the Texans players on offense and defense for the next few weeks. We wanted to see the snaps that the Texans players accumulated over the season, and also give us a better insight on the personnel packages they used on offense and defense.

We looked at snaps, carries, targets, hurries and anything else we could have thought of. Here are the reports from week 3.











Offensive Notes:


Arian Foster did not play.



Passing Offensive Targets: (Catches/Targets)


James Casey: 5/7, 1 Touchdown

Owen Daniels: 5/9

Joel Dreessen: 0/2

Andre Johnson:  8/12

Kevin Walter: 3/3, 1 Touchdown

Jacoby Jones: 1/2

Ben Tate: 0/3








Defensive Notes:


Texans Defensive Snaps by quarter:

1st: 9

2nd: 15

3rd: 15

4th: 27


Defensive Targets: Thrown At (Catches/Targets)


Johnathan Joseph: 2/6, 1 touchdown, 1 pass deflection

Kareem Jackson: 8/9, 1 touchdown, 7/7 in the second half

Jason Allen: 1/1

Brice McCain: 1/2

Glover Quin: 3/3, 1 touchdown

Brian Cushing: 5/6

DeMeco Ryans: 3/3





Is there anything else you would like to see added to the analysis? We are trying to fine tune it before the 2012 season starts so we can cover everything the fans want. Please let us know!


You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans and is a draft analyst on Sideline Scouting.


5 Responses to “Texans vs. Saints: Week 3 Snap Counts”
  1. john says:

    Not very revealing. The story of this game – Wade forgot to rotate his line of scrimmage players. In the 4th quarter NO began coming out on 1st down with multiple receiver formations. Wade, perhaps napping because of the late night, continued to run his 8 in the box schemes. Unfortunately, there was no pass rush.

    How many snaps did Brook Leeds get this game ?

    • Patrick D. Starr says:

      Not very revealing? If you click on the charts you can see full snap counts.

      In the 4th, quarter Wade only called 8 of the 27 4th quarter snaps with the base D, 1 of those 8 was their goal line package. The 19 other the Texans were in their nickle or dime packages.

      The Saints killed the Texans in the middle of the field, look at Jackson’s numbers. They exposed Jackson in the middle of the field.

      Brooks Reed played 21 snaps in this game.

      • john says:

        Sorry. I can’t see all of the field on TV. I really don’t remember seeing Reed playing that much until Mario went down. When you look at Reed’s stats, his season begins when Mario is injured.

  2. john says:

    Analysis of snap counts is very important. Please continue.

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